DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume

The world famous pair of plumbers, Mario and Luigi, have gone beyond the world of side scrolling video games and deep into our nostalgic hearts! This classic game franchise from the 80’s has been kept alive by Nintendo. But the release of Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System is often credited with keeping the once failing video gaming industry alive. That’s  pretty big feat for an 8 bit character! After countless related games and spin-offs it’s pretty clear, the whole cast of characters is here to stay. From Donkey Kong to Princess Peach to Bowser, we all have a favorite character to compete with now in Mario Kart!

So if you are trying to “LEVEL UP” your Super Mario Bros. costume you can warp into any costume party with this green pipe DIY upgrade. Whether it’s a piranha plant, Yoshi, or one of the main men, Mario & Luigi, follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to the next world.

You will need:

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Materials

  • 2- 26” Hula Hoops (available at Walmart)
  • Rustoleum “Spring Green Gloss” Spray Paint
  • 2- Air Conditioner Weather Sealing Foam Strips 2-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 42” long
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape, Tape Measure, or Large Ruler
  • Marker
  • Clear Packaging Tape or Clear Duct Tape
  • Black Ribbon 1.5” wide by 3 yards
  • White Foam Core
  • 6 Pieces of Large Cardstock
  • Foam Adhesive (optional)

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Step 1

Step 1. Cut the foam core into 8 strips, each strip should be 22” long by 2” wide.

Step 2. Hot glue the end of one strip to the inside edge of a hula hoop.

Step 3. Continue gluing the rest of the strips around the inside edge of the hula hoop, doing your best to space them out evenly around the hoop.

Step 4. Glue the loose ends to the 2nd hoop, creating a large cylinder.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Step 2

Step 5. Cut several pieces of cardstock into 22” long pieces, the width can vary depending on the size of your cardstock. Glue one of the pieces to both hula hoops to create a side panel for the pipe.

Step 6. Line the panels up together as you glue them. Use the clear tape to seal the seams and prevent gaps from forming. Trim the last panel so that it fits flush and there is no overlapping with the other pieces.

Step 7. Spray paint the pipe with the green paint and let dry.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Step 3

Step 8. Cut the ribbon in half, so your pieces are each 1.5 yards long. You can adjust the length in a future step.

Step 9. Using the craft knife, make a horizontal opening along the top edge of the pipe, just below the hula hoop. The opening should be slightly wider than the width of the ribbon.

Step 10. Starting from the outside of the pipe, slide one end of the ribbon through the opening.

Step 11. Wrap the end of the ribbon up and hot glue it together.

Step 12. Attach the other end of the ribbon to the opposite side of the pipe, the same way.  Repeat the steps with the other ribbon.

TIP: I made my ribbons cross in the middle, this will help keep the pipe costume from falling off your shoulders. If you have your model available, you can adjust the length of the ribbon at this time, so that the pipe hangs the way you want. Otherwise you can always adjust the straps later with tape or clothespins.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Step 4

Step 13. Using the foam adhesive or hot glue, attach the foam around the outside upper rim of the pipe. Don’t worry if  you have any gaps between the pieces, they will be covered at the end.

Step 14. Turn the pipe upside down and trace part of the outer edge on a large piece of cardstock.

Step 15. Next race the inside edge of the pipe.

Step 16. Once you have traced the outside and inside edge of the pipe, square of the edges to create a segment.

Step 17. Use the traced segment as a template to create at least 4 more pieces on the cardstock. Cut the pieces out.

Step 18. Glue the cut pieces to the top rim of the pipe, use the craft knife if necessary to cut out notches for the ribbon. Trim any areas so that the edges of the cardstock are flush with the foam.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Step 5

Step 19. Cut out several pieces of cardstock that should be 6” in width, but the length can vary depending on the size of your cardstock.

Step 20. Glue the pieces around the foam rim, slightly overlapping the top edge. Just like on the bottom pipe, you may need to trim the last piece so that all the cardstock is flush and doesn’t overlap. You can use the clear tape to seal the seams together.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Finished

Step 21. Spray paint the rest of the entire pipe green including the inside to give it a more complete look.

DIY Super Mario Pipe Costume Final Look

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