DIY Steaming TV Costumes

People are cutting the cord left and right. But can you blame them? Cable is expensive and with so many different streaming services with so many awesome original shows, you have to make a choice. Where else can you binge entire seasons or series at a time with few to no commercials?

With Halloween fast-approaching, we wanted to pay tribute to some of our favorite characters from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. With so many new shows and streaming services popping up every month, the list could go on forever. But we polled the office to see what shows on top right now and then challenged ourselves to put together some DIY costumes. If DIY isn’t your thing, we’ve got plenty of tv and movie costumes available to purchase for Halloween too!

Did your favorite show from Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu make the list? Keep reading to find out!

Midge from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Midge Costume

Dress | Gloves | Wig | Shoes

Mrs. Maisel truly is marvelous! Midge might’ve been living the American Dream at the start of the series. She had the perfect husband, two kids and an elegant apartment on the Upper West Side. But after her husband left her for his secretary, Midge makes a name for herself on the comedy circuit due to her bawdy, biting and brilliant delivery.

Susie from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Susie Costume

Shirt | Suspenders | Hat | Pants

Everyone needs a Susie in their lives. No one fights for Midge harder than her manager, Susie Myerson. She spent most of Season 2 parading around as a plumber at a Catskills resort just so Midge could continue on her small comedy tour. If that isn’t a true friend and mentor, we don’t know what is. And Alex Borstein even won an Emmy to add to the shows many wins.

A Handmaid from The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale - Handmaid Costume

Cloak & Bonnet | Dress | Boots

A handmaid might not be a sought after role for those living in the fictional universe of this Hulu Original. Most of us wouldn’t even choose to live in Gilead. But emulating a handmaid like June or the other members of Mayday isn’t a bad look. These fierce females are rebelling against their oppressive new world order, fighting for better lives for themselves and their children.

A Wife from The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale - Wife Costume

Dress | Shoes

If there’s one thing we’re learning as the story continues, it’s that not all wives are bad. Some are prisoners of Gilead just like the handmaids. Sure, most of them are willing participants in the gruesome rituals but the alternative is being hung on the wall. Self-preservation is key in this world. But despite her constant straddling of the line between what’s right and wrong, there’s no denying that Serena Waterford is a force to be reckoned with.

Billy from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Billy Costume

Wig | Jeans | Tank Top | Shoes

Billy Hargrove raced into the Stranger Things scene in season two and promptly became an object of affection for many. No one more so than Mrs. Wheeler. This rebel without a cause was that bad boy you love to hate. And season three made you hate to love him. Getting mind flayed definitely played a huge part in the character’s shift during the last season. But we still can’t get over that finale.

Erica from Stranger Things

Stranger Things - Eric Costume

Overalls | Shirt | Pads | Sneakers

We were introduced to Erica Sinclair during season two as Lucas’ sassy little sister. Summertime in Hawkins opened up a world of possibilities. One of which was that this minor character got some major screentime. She was an integral part of the Scoops Troop, partially because she was small enough to crawl through the air duct but mostly because of her wit. You can’t spell America without Erica, which had us all feeling a bit more patriotic.

Aziraphale from Good Omens

Good Omens - Aziraphale Costume

Suit | Shirt | Coat | Shoes | Wig | Bow Tie

Aziraphale is an angel. No, like literally. But he also doubles as a rare book dealer. When he’s not dealing with special tomes, he’s trying to stop the apocalypse. He enjoys Earth, especially the restaurants, and can’t imagine spending an eternity listening to The Sound of Music. Alongside his demon best friend, Crowley, we’re taken on quite the epic adventure by this Amazon Prime show.

Crowley from Good Omens

Good Omens - Crowley Costume

Pants | Vest | Coat | Tie | Shoes | Shirt | Wig

Crowley knew Aziraphale for thousands of years, dating all the way back to his time in the Garden of Eden. If you catch a glimpse of his snake eyes, you might recognize him as the serpent that tempted Eve. But that’s about all we know about his time before he Fell. Well, he moreso sauntered vaguely downwards. Overall, he’s a non-threatening demon but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t caused his fair share of problems. The biggest problem is how is he going to stop the apocalypse.

Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Sabrina Costume

Shirt | Skirt | Tights | Headband | Wig

This isn’t the Sabrina The Teenage Witch you remember. Based on the Archie Comics book series and originally intended to be a companion show to Riverdale, this Netflix Original is a dark reimagining of Sabrina’s coming-of-age as a half-witch, half-mortal. With mortal friends like hers, it’s hard to leave that life behind to take her place in the Church of Night. But if the finale was any indication of what’s to come, the mortals are in for a hellish ride!

Harvey from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Harvey Costume

Jacket | Pants | Boots | Shirt

It’s hard not to swoon over sweet, sweet Harvey Kinkle. The way he fawns over Sabrina is so endearing. It tugs on our heartstrings every time he calls her ‘Brina. But now that Sabrina’s signed her name in the Book of the Beast, everything changed. Magic has wreaked havoc on his life and he has no choice to move on. Harvey and Sabrina might be endgame for some but we’ll just have to wait and see how this relationship will play out over the next 16 episodes.

Female Gelfling from  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal - Female Gelfling Costume

Wings | Ears | Robe | Dress

These elf-like creatures from the planet Thra are making a comeback, thanks to the release of the prequel Netflix series based on the cult classic movie, The Dark Crystal, created by Jim Henson. This fresh story takes place long before the feature film from 1982 when the Gelflings were all but wiped out, and follows the 7 ancient races of Gelflings as they fall under the oppressive political power of the Skeksis. The matriarchal clans of the Gelflings each have a unique culture and they all wear clothes that represent their culture. All Gelflings have pointed ears, but only the girls have wings. Many Gelflings wear earthy and bespoke flowing clothing.

Male Gelfling from  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal - Male Gelfling Costume

Top | Pants | Ears | Sword

Unlike their female counterparts, male Gelflings can’t fly. The term Gelfling comes from “Ghel-lflainngk,” which roughly translates to “those who live without knowledge of the future.” And what a way to live, until the Crystal cracked. Customize your Gelfling costume to suit one of the 7 clans: the Stonewood Clan, the Spriton Clan, the Vapra Clan, the Grottan Clan, the Drenchen Clan, the Sifa Clan, and the Dousan Clan.

Whether you were looking for ideas on how to dress up as your favorite character from a streaming show or which shows to binge on next, this list should help guide you. We can guarantee that Halloween and fan conventions of 2019 will be full of costumes inspired by these amazing shows and more.

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