DIY Stranger Things Costumes

What a time to be alive! Netflix dropped another hit into our laps this summer so the only rays we caught this July were from the glow of our screens.  Because if you didn’t binge watch your way through Strangers Things you did it wrong.  Okay, I agree that’s a little harsh and completely untrue.  The only people who are doing it wrong are the people who haven’t watched yet (because yes, they exist.)  Luckily for them, season 2 has been confirmed so they have some time to catch up before we get the next 9 episodes.

But for those of us who can’t wait that long, we’ve got two options.  Option one is to re-watch the first season.  Option two is to become your favorite character.  These options aren’t the one-or-the-other kind of options either.  You can watch the season dressed up as Eleven.  You could change up your cosplay for each of the eight episodes.  The beauty of these characters is that you probably have a lot of things you need to be each and every one of them.

Eleven was already cosplayed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con so you know we’ll be seeing a lot more of her at New York Comic Con and for Halloween as well.  But who is Eleven without her friends?

If you’re looking for the best group to cosplay this year, I think you know where I’m going with this.


DIY Dustin Stranger Things

It’s hard not to love Dustin.  Between his toothless grin, his sense of humor and his sharp detective skills (that lunch lady is never going to live the chocolate pudding thing down) he’s got a personality beyond his years.

The key components you need to become Dustin are his trucker hat, his curly hair, his Castroville Artichoke Festival shirt and his toothless grin.

Although the toothless grin might be a stretch for some, there is makeup specifically made to black out your teeth so really, there are no excuses.


DIY Eleven Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown went all in when she got the part of Eleven and buzzed all of her hair off. While the hair helped create the aura that made Eleven into the character she was, we decided on an alternate route for our costume.  Mike, Dustin and Lucas did their best to help Elle blend in when they’re out in public by piecing together some articles of clothing found in the Wheeler home.

The key components you need to become Eleven are a pink dress with a Peter Pan color, baseball socks with green and yellow stripes, white hightop converse, a Member’s Only jacked and a blonde wig.  We added some fake blood to the nose to remind everyone just how badass Eleven’s powers are.


DIY Barb Stranger Things

There are some people out there saying “Barb who?” But we’re on team #JusticeForBarb.  She might’ve been a downer throughout the show but she didn’t deserve the ending she got.  She was just trying to be a good friend to Nancy and to be honest, Nancy went a little wild.  We’re not saying that anyone deserved to get sucked into the Upside Down but it definitely shouldn’t have been Barb.

The key components you need to become Barb are high-waisted jeans, the most 1980’s shirt you can find, a short, red wig, glasses that take up most of your face, a long puffy winter coat and books.

The beauty of Stranger Things is that there are so many characters worth dressing up as so you’ll be #SquadGoals this Halloween.  Although we don’t suggest battling any demogorgons, we do 10/10 recommend both watching and cosplaying these characters.

If you and your friends are suiting up as the Stranger Things squad don’t forget to share pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCostumes.

This is for all the pinners out there!

Stranger Things DIY Costumes Guide