DIY Easy E Costume

You are now about to witness the strength of street costumes.

Where are you straight out of? Are you straight out of the suburbs or straight out of the mean streets of (insert neighborhood here).

This Halloween, we wanted to recognize one of the most controversial hip-hop groups of all-time and one of the most celebrated films of 2015 – Straight Outta Compton.

Even if you’re not a rapper, you can dress like one with this 1980’s rapper throwback look! Break out your NWA albums and blast that old school fire. Not sure where to start? Wholesale Halloween Costumes can help you put together a look so that you, too, can be Straight Outta Compton! (At least for Halloween).

We channeled Eazy E for our 1980’s rap look, as we put together a wig, baseball cap, chain, black sunglasses and, of course, a mic!



Also needed: 1980’s style jacket, old-school baseball cap, jeans.

So, give the latest generation of hip-hop fans a history lesson when you tell ’em where you from!


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