DIY Skeleton Shoes Tutorial

We’d like to be tibia honest with you. You’re about to marrowly escape a slew of skeleton puns that are bad to the bone!  When it comes to Halloween accessories everyone’s all about masks and costumes, but you can’t forget about all the dead men walking. Transform those blank canvas shoes into a set of kicks that will knock ‘em dead by following our step by step guide. This Halloween accessory is easier than you think as it only takes a little time, focus and patience while waiting for paint to be bone dry! Wear them on their own or pair them with a skeleton costume to transform yourself from head to toe this Halloween. 

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs is a bone-ified wizard when it comes to transforming basic canvas shoes into fun statement pieces.

DIY Skeleton Shoes Supplies


  • Black canvas shoes
  • Acrylic paint – white, grey
  • Paintbrushes – skinny and wide widths
  • Chalk
  • X-acto knife
  • Skeleton Shoes template PDF

DIY Skeleton Shoes Stencils

First, you’ll need to sketch out the bone pattern on the shoes. To do this, print the skeleton shoes template and use an X-acto knife to cut out the stencil. If you have a cutting machine handy, you can also use our SVG file to make this cut quicker.

DIY Skeleton Shoes Chalk

Lay the template onto the shoe and trace the outlines in chalk. It doesn’t need to be exact as you can always fine-tune the lines once you start painting.

DIY Skeleton Shoes White Paint

Use a fine-tip paintbrush to paint the white bones onto the black canvas shoe.

DIY Skeleton Shoes Grey Paint DIY Skeleton Shoes Grey Paint

Paint shadows onto the bottom and right sides of the bones using grey paint. 

DIY Skeleton Shoes Posed DIY Skeleton Shoes Closeup

Wait for the paint to be bone dry, then use a wet paintbrush to remove the chalk from all the black areas of the shoes.

Friends will be out of their skull excited to see you pair these DIY skeleton shoes with skeleton leggings and rock the Halloween parade, Trunk or Treat or to pass out treats on the 31st.

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