DIY Cheeky Chocolate Costume

Allow us to introduce you to Cheeky Chocolate! She’s a perky prankster, that loves laughing and having fun. She’s rare, but you might find her hanging with Apple Blossom or in the sweet treats section of the store. Unless she is on vacation, in which case she’ll be pulling pranks in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Follow our DIY costume instructions to make your very own Cheeky Chocolate and you’ll never miss her again.

Before you get started, watch her try to pull a prank on Apple Blossom and Strawberry Kiss.



  • 5-pieces of foam core 20” x 30”
  • 8-divided foam compartment trays
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Ribbon- at least .5” or wider
  • Adhesive Velcro strips
  • Paint, Brushes, Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Low-Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Printable (optional)


Step 1. Use the craft knife to cut a square compartment out of each of the trays.

Step 2. Draw a heart on the one of the other compartments. Cut out and make 8 more. You can use the 1st heart as a template for the remaining hearts.

Step 3. Glue the hearts to each of the 8 cut squares.


Step 4. Attach the eight squares to the top of a piece of foam core. Make 2 rows of 4, evenly spaced out. This is the top of the chocolate bar.

Step 5. Using a new piece of foam core, score it with a craft knife and fold in half.

Step 6. Hot glue the folded edges together, this is the wrapper of the chocolate bar.


Step 7. Paint the top half of the chocolate bar brown and set aside to dry.

Step 8. Paint the wrapper, turquoise, and let dry.

Step 9. Add 2 layers of aluminum foil to the middle of the chocolate bar. Hot Glue each piece of foil along one shiny edge, so the the foil can be scrunched and folded out like a torn candy wrapper.

Step 10. Hot glue the turquoise wrapper to the chocolate bar, allowing the foil to overlap the wrapper.



Step 11. Download, print, and glue the PDF face template to the wrapper. The face is best glued with a gluestick, the hot glue might damage the foam core. You can also create your own cute face.

Step 12. Add some gold paint to highlight the edges of the chocolate pieces and hearts.

Step 13. To make the back of the costume repeats steps 5-10 on a new piece of foam core. Omit the steps for the chocolate pieces. Let the paint dry.



Step 14. To make the sides of the costume, repeat steps 6-7 with a new piece of foam core and paint the piece turquoise. Starting on the long side, cut the piece in half.

Step 15. Hot glue 2 layers of aluminum foil to the back of each side. Try and match the way the foil looks to the front and back of the costume.

Step 16. The costume when assembled is like an open box. Hot glue 1 side to the front piece of the costume as shown.

Step 17. Glue the other side to the front piece, and then attach the back. Use paint to touch up the sides of the costume and paint the exposed parts of the chocolate bar to make a cleaner look.


Step 18. You should have the person who will be wearing the costume available for this step. Have them get into the costume and hold it up to the appropriate height. The ribbon will be used as shoulder straps for the costume. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon that will fit over each shoulder. Measure about where you think the ribbon should attach to the box, and mark the spots with the marker, as a guide for the Velcro. Attach a strip of the adhesive Velcro to the costume.

Step 19. Put a strip of Velcro on each of the other 3 marks. I used about a 2” piece of Velcro for each spot, so that there is room to adjust the height of the costume to get a good fit.

Step 20. Attach the other half of each Velcro piece to the ends of the ribbon.

Step 21. Attache the ribbon to the costume. The wearer can put the costume over their head, or step into and adjust the straps as needed.


The costume is done and ready to wear!!

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