DIY Rick & Morty Costumes

It takes a team of genius writers to come up with the delicately balanced mix of high brow and low brow gags that Rick and Morty offer up on Season 1 and Season 2. Season 3 promises to keep the same tone, but the rumor is that we will see the plot line of the show become more serial based. Needless to say, we can’t wait to watch these galactic adventurers get back in the space ship and keep shooting that portal gun. That is (spoiler alert!), after we find out how they bust Rick out of prison!

If you have been to any comic conventions since 2013, you’ve seen the various Rick and Morty costume iterations. So. Many. Iterations. In a universe with infinite parallel universes, the options are limitless, literally. When we decided to make our own Rick and Morty, we chose to stick with the versions of them from Dimension C-137, the originals from our perspective.

With so many inventive characters on Rick and Morty that we could have DIY’ed such as, Shrimply Pibbles, Pencilvester, Bird Person or even Mr. Meeseeks, we thought we should probably start with the show’s namesakes. But if any of you have made your own versions of any of the notable characters, be sure to share them with us. And stay tuned to see our next DIY adventure. In the mean time follow the steps below to get Rick-tified and Morty-fied.


Rick and Morty Supplies

DIY Rick Sanchez Step 01

Step 1. Unroll a cotton ball into a long strip.  Lightly spray paint the Einstein Wig and the cotton ball with the colored hair spray.

DIY Rick Sanchez Step 02

Step 2. To create Rick’s character, paint green splotches of vomit on  your model’s face.

DIY Rick Sanchez Step 03 & 04

Step 3.  Apply  the spirit gum above your model’s eyebrows. Avoid applying the spirit gum to hair.

Step 4. Let the spirit gum get tacky. Next apply the painted cotton ball strip to the spirit gum to look like a unibrow.

DIY Rick Sanchez

Step 5. Apply the wig and lab coat and Rick is ready to go.

Step 6. Complete the Morty look with a yellow T-shirt and the Mod wig.

DIY Rick and Morty Costumes

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