Finals are the worst. They’re a necessary evil, but we won’t stop you from complaining about them. After a jam-packed school year, you’re expected to be able to recite, regurgitate or apply everything you were supposed to learn. For some of us, that’s a piece of cake. However, for others there are hours and hours of revising and studying that you may just want to stab yourself with a pencil.

While this makeup tutorial won’t help you pass with flying colors, it will definitely make your test-taking experience more memorable. Using a simple technique, Sue Lee teaches us how to create a prosthetic. Most of the items can be found around the house and the others can be purchased here. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll freak your teacher (parent, classmates, strangers, etc) out so much that they cancel all future tests.

Take a stab at this SFX makeup technique and let us know how it went!


Break or cut a pencil in two pieces. Use sandpaper to smooth the splintered end of the half with the eraser.

Coat the broken end of the pencil in Spirit Gum. Allow the Spirit Gum to become tacky.


Unravel a cotton ball and apply a bit to the tacky Spirit Gum. Use more around the tip to start creating a base that will adhere to the skin.


On a flat, non-porous work surface, use liquid latex to coat the outer surface of the cotton and allow to dry.

Coat the flat side as well and let dry.

If some pencil is still exposed add more cotton, coat with latex and then let dry.


Apply a thin layer of Spirit Gum to the skin where you want the pencil to protrude and allow to dry.

Apply Spirit Gum to the base you created on the pencil appliance and allow to dry.

Apply the pencil onto the prepped skin.


Coat the cotton and around the wound liberally in blood gel. Detail the wound with black grease paint to add depth and shadow.


Time to start studying so you don’t end up like this!