DIY No-Sew Vampirina Hoodie Costume

Your little girl will be like no other monster on the block when she walks out in her Vampirina Hoodie! Rock this ghoulish girl in the human world on Halloween or Friday the 13th any time of the year. This no-sew wearable is put together with the help of fabric glue and safety pins but can easily be secured further with the help of needle and thread, if you prefer. Use our free template provided to complete the look with her signature bat wing ponytails and skull necklace.

This post was written, created and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more of her DIY projects!

Vampirina Hoodie Supplies


  • Hoodie
  • Black Fabric
  • Stiff black felt
  • Pink felt
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Permanent Fabric Glue
  • Fabric Puffy Paint
  • Safety pins
  • Chalk
  • Template
  • Ruler

Vampirina Hoodie Fabric

To create the faux spiderweb dress around the hoodie, first, fold your fabric in half and lay it on top of your blue hoodie. Use chalk to draw a curved shape of the dress neck hole. Also, draw curved lines on the side to create the dress form.

Use scissors to trim along your chalked markings.

Fold the sides inward slightly and use safety pins inside the hoodie to attach the dress.

Vampirina Hoodie Hair

Cut a piece of fabric in the shape shown and glue onto the top of the hoodie. The straight edge of the back will come together in the back of the hood.

Vampirina Hoodie Hair 2

This creates Vampirina’s widow’s peak and hair.

Vampirina Hoodie Template

Cut Vampirina’s bat wing hair pieces and skull necklace shape on the stiff black felt using the template provided. Note the tabs at the end of the batwing pieces.

Vampirina Hoodie Wings

Draw lines on the hoodie’s top with chalk to determine the position of the wings. Trim these holes through the black fabric “hair” and the top layer of the hoodie. Insert the tabs of the end of the bag wing hair into the holes with one going one way and one going another. Use fabric glue to hold in place and secure with safety pins inside the hood.

Vampirina Hoodie Hairbands

Cut two skinny strips of pink felt and wrap around the wing hair where it meets the hoodie. Secure with fabric glue. Tip: use office binder clips to hold in place as they dry.

Vampirina Hoodie Web

Now that the Vampirina head is complete, let’s finish the dress. To draw the spiderweb pattern use a ruler and carefully draw a line down the center of the dress using chalk.

Draw two more lines that angle down and slightly outward.

Next, draw the curved lines in a wave pattern to complete the spiderweb look. Once you are happy with your chalked lines, trace them with purple puffy fabric paint. Allow it to dry for the time specified on the bottle. Ours was about 4 hours.

Vampirina Hoodie Skull

Glue the skull necklace design onto the top neckline of the dress. Draw a faux ribbon with a black fabric pen or a Sharpie marker.

Vampirina Hoodie Final 1

Vampirina Hoodie Final 2

Rock your Vampirina hoodie any day of the year and be transformed into your favorite Disney Junior character. Add a black tutu and a pair of purple leggings underneath and you instantly have a DIY Vampirina costume you can sport on October 31st!

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DIY No-Sew Vampirina Hoodie Costume