DIY No-Sew Unicorn Halloween Costume

Giddy-up! It’s time to make your day more magical with a unicorn hoodie! Learn how to use colorful pieces of felt, safety pins and hot glue to create this fantasy filled creature no sew unicorn hoodie. You’ll surely be living your best unicorn life when sporting this hoodie for Halloween or just your average Monday.

This post was written, created and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more DIY projects to keep spreading the magic!

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Supplies


  • Pale pink hoodie
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Safety Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Unicorn Shapes Template
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Cotton Balls or batting

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Felt Shapes

Cut out all the shapes from the unicorn shapes template. Trace and cut out these shapes on the coordinating pieces of felt. Our unicorn uses 2 large flowers and 2 small flowers

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Ears

Begin gluing the pieces together before adding to the hoodie. To create the unicorn ears, layer and adhere the dark pink on the light pink felt shapes. Tip: make sure they are laying the correct direction to mirror the shapes!

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Flowers Step 1

Each flower in the floral crown uses 7 circle shapes. 6 are used for the flower petals and one is for the base.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Flowers Step 2

Fold 6 of the circles in half and add a dab of glue in the center. Fold again into quarters and add another dab of glue. These are your flower petals.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Flowers Step 3

Glue 4 of the flower petals onto the circle base. Tip: mirror the pieces so the folds are going in different directions. Add a dab of glue on top and attach your last 2 flower petals to complete your 3D flower.

Repeat the above floral steps to create additional flowers.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Horn

To create the horn, roll the white shape to create a long skinny cone. Use hot glue to adhere this shape together. Insert batting, or pieces of cotton balls into this cone shape. Tip: use a pencil or chopstick to push the batting down to the end of the cone to make sure it’s fully filled.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Chalk

Now that you have all your shapes cut out of felt or formed into their 3D shape, it’s time to add them to the hood! Tip: use a water erase pen or chalk to mark where you’ll apply these shapes, as shown by the dotted lines on this image. Make sure to leave room for the eyes in the front!

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Horn Attached 1

Place your horn on the hoodie and make note where to make cuts to insert the tabs into the hoodie. Note: this hoodie had a double layer of material so whenever we made cuts, it was only through the top layer.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Horn Attached 2

Slip the tabs into the holes and use hot glue inside and safety pins underneath to secure in place.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Ears Attached

Cut a hole for each ear, slip the tabs through the hole then spread them out once inside. Use a combination of hot glue and safety pins inside to secure these in place. Don’t worry about any glue or holes showing as you’ll be covering this up in the next step.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Glue

Now adhere your 3D felt flowers between the horn and the ears and the eyes on the top front of the hood.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Mane

To create the mane, cut long ½ inch strips of felt. Tie a knot in the center. Use safety pins to add these on the back of the hoodie along the seam.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Tail

To create a tail, cut a 4-inch strip of felt then create long fringe on the piece. Repeat with additional colors then pin these pieces to the back, bottom of the hoodie.

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Final 1

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Final 4

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Final 5

DIY Unicorn Hoodie Final 6

Your DIY no-sew unicorn costume is complete! Add some glittery makeup and you’re ready to make your day extra magical when pretending to be this mythical creature.

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DIY No-Sew Unicorn Halloween Costume