DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie

Haven’t you heard? Reindeer are the new unicorns! When you’re looking to get warm this holiday season but also want to look adorable, you’ll be able to turn to your new DIY reindeer hoodie thanks to this step by step tutorial.  See how to turn a boring brown hoodie into a cute caribou design complete with a felt floral crown and a pair of antlers.

This post was written, created and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more of her DIY projects!

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Supplies


  • Chocolate brown hoodie
  • Tan, White, Brown, Black Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Fabric Glue
  • Safety Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Small Red Pom Poms
  • Water erase pen or chalk
  • Reindeer Shapes Template

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 1

Cut out all the shapes from the reindeer shapes template. Trace and cut out these shapes on the coordinating pieces of felt.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 2

Begin gluing the pieces together before adding to the hoodie.

Glue two of each of the antlers back to back, but leave the bottom 1.5 inches unglued. You’ll be spreading these out and using them as tabs to adhere on the hoodie in a later step.

To create the reindeer ears, layer and adhere the tan felt pieces on the brown felt shapes. Tip: make sure they are laying the correct direction to mirror the shapes!

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 3

Put your hoodie on and use chalk to make markings on where the ears will go on each of the sides and the two antlers on the top. Snip holes through only the top layer of the hoodie.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 4

Insert the antlers inside and spread the bottom tabs out, applying glue to secure them in place. Do the same with the ears folding the tabs out in two different directions.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 5

Each flower on this reindeer hoodie uses 7 circle shapes. 6 are used for the flower petals and one is for the base.

Fold 6 of the circles in half and add a dab of glue in the center. Fold again into quarters and add another dab of glue. These are your flower petals.

Glue 4 of the flower petals onto the circle base. Tip: mirror the pieces so the folds are going different directions. Add a dab of glue on top and attach your last 2 flower petals to complete your 3D flower.

Repeat the above floral steps to create additional flowers and put aside for a later step.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 6

Glue three flowers to the top of the hoodie.

Glue two black eyelashes on the front.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie Step 7

Glue the large tan over on the front over the belly.

Glue the tan circles on the back of the hoodie.

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie

Glue red pom poms to act as red berries to the flowers to accent and bring in the woodsy feel and your reindeer hoodie is complete!

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie

You are now ready to frolic in the woods sporting your no-sew reindeer hoodie!

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