DIY No Sew Elsa Hoodie

When Elsa, the Snow Queen, ran away to the North Mountain of Arendelle, she transformed her clothes into the blue dress she flaunted for the rest of her epic adventure. You can work the same icy magic as Elsa to transform a basic cotton hoodie into one that resembles that crystal-filled famous blue dress. Fans of Disney’s 2013 Frozen or those eager to see the long-awaited sequel, Frozen 2, this winter will be begging for a chance to share warm hugs in this DIY creation. It’s perfect for when your little one wants to look like Elsa but can’t wear one of her Frozen costumes.  The cold will surely not bother those sporting this zip-up complete with faux frozen fractals, a fuzzy braid and vinyl crown on top.

This no-sew hoodie was created by Tara from Spot of Tea Designs. Check out her blog for more adorable and craft ideas.

Elsa Hoodie Supplies


  • Light blue zip-up hoodie
  • Felt fabric – yellow, blue, white
  • Iron-on vinyl – silver
  • Xacto knife or cutting machine
  • Heat n’ bond
  • Iron
  • Air erase pen or chalk
  • Elsa Hoodie Template (PDF)

Elsa Hoodie Step 1 White Elsa Hoodie Step 1 White 2

Begin by adding your large blocks of fabric onto the hoodie using heat n’ bond and an iron.  For the front, you’ll need to add a white pane on the top.

Elsa Hoodie Step 2 Blue Elsa Hoodie Step 2 Blue 2

Add blue felt on the front in a double-curved design as if it’s the front of the famous blue dress.

We chose to cover up the pockets that came on this hoodie base, but if you’re eager to keep those, go ahead and cut a slit to gain access.

Elsa Hoodie Step 3 Braid

Next, you’ll add Elsa’s signature braid to the hoodie shoulder. Do this but cutting the braid pieces from the Elsa Hoodie template and the coordinating pieces from your felt.

Elsa Hoodie Step 4 Braid

Cover the top of the hoodie with yellow felt, like it’s Elsa’s hair using Heat n’ Bond. Adhere the braid pieces together.

Elsa Hoodie Step 5 Attach Braid

Next, adhere them onto the front shoulder, as shown.

Elsa Hoodie Step 6 Vinyl

Cut out your design elements from the iron-on vinyl. If you have a cutting machine, use our SVG file to cut the crown, snowflakes and front dress accents. It doesn’t really matter for this design as everything is symmetrical, but if you choose to add letters to your design for any reason, remember that you must mirror the cut when using iron-on vinyl! Weed the excess vinyl before moving onto the next step.

If you don’t have a machine, you can still create these cuts, using our pdf template, a cutting mat and Xacto knife.

Elsa Hoodie Step 7 Vinyl Attached

Lay the vinyl elements onto the hoodie in the desired location. Lay a piece of parchment paper on top and heat with an iron to set.  Just say “let it go” to the adhesive backing when peeling it away to reveal the complete design.

Elsa Hoodie Step 8 Crown

Apply the crown onto the yellow “hair” hood using an iron.

DIY Elsa Hoodie Final 1 DIY Elsa Hoodie Final 2 DIY Elsa Hoodie Final 3 DIY Elsa Hoodie Final 4

This DIY Elsa Hoodie is now ready to brave the winter snow of the North Mountain with your beautiful, long hair folded into a flowing braid.

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