Be fearless as you lead the WWE Divas Revolution this Halloween in your DIY Nikki Bella costume.

Nikki Bella is the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history, having held the belt for 305 consecutive days before losing to Charlotte at WWE Night of Champions on October 20, 2015. Even though she no longer owns the gold, you can still impress your friends with this twin-magical do-it-yourself idea from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.


Required Costume Materials

  • Women’s Sexy Darling Devil Costume
  • Woman’s black liquid leggings
  • Champion Wrestling belt
  • Red Carpet Mixed Brown adult wig
  • Sexy Red Patent Mary Jane Shoe Adult
  • Black Industrial Fishnet hose
  • Black eyelashes
  • Eyelash glue
  • Black and White Stripped Athletic thigh high

Additional Required Materials

  • Red baseball cap
  • Hem tape
  • Rounded elastic
  • Rhinestone stickers
  • Iron on embroidered letters “FEARLESS”

Costume Instructions


Remove Devil costume from package.  Discard hood and tail pieces as you will not need them.

Cut the arms off of devil body suit along seams.

Cut 3” off the wrist of each removed sleeve.  These will be your wrist bands.  The remainder of the sleeves can be discarded.


Put the devil body suit.  Mark with a safety pin where you want the finished edge to be.  Helpful hint: Once you think you know where you want it raise your arms and dance around to make sure it doesn’t rise too high and expose your chest.

Remove body suit and draw a “cut line” 1” below where you want the finished edge to be.

Cut on your cut line making sure to cut around the zipper in the back.nikki03


Use hem tape OR if you can sew use elastic to create a finished edge on your “cut line”.  You now have your top.


Iron on “FEARLESS” letters on the center of your chest.  Helpful Hint: Stretch top over pillow or mini ironing board while ironing on letters.

Use scissors to cut tiny holes along the neckline of the top.

Use skinny rounded elastic in tiny holes to create lacing.


Cut Leggings off into booty shorts. Helpful Hint: Put them on and mark with a safety pin where to you want them to get cut off.


Take stick on rhinestones and decorate baseball cap to your liking. Helpful Hint: Nikki often wears hats to the side or back so make sure you don’t only decorate the front.

Putting it all together


Put on fishnets

Put black booty shorts

Put on top

Put on fake eyelashes (it’s easier to do this after you have put the top over your head but before you are wearing the wig)

Put on wig

Put on black athletic socks

Put on red high heels

Put on hat (sideways OR backwards)

Put on OR hold your championship wrestling belt


If you’re not the only sports entertainment fan in your family or friends group, tag team up with someone you know and throw an awesome WWE Party with supplies from Wholesale Halloween Costumes this October! Just try to keep the tables intact.