DIY Nemo Costume

Nemo. The beloved little clown fish that had big fish ambition. He was born with a short fin but definitely not short on personality. 100% of everybody was happy to see him come back for another big screen appearance in Finding Dory. This Halloween, bring him back once again to help find the candy. And if you want to make sure Nemo succeeds, we created a how-to for a DIY Dory costume too. There’s no better way to keep Nemo swimming in the current while trick-or-treating.

This costume was designed for a 7 year old, however it should fit a younger child. You can custom fit the costume when you add the arm holes in one of the later steps.


DIY Nemo Costume Supplies

  • Black Skin Suit
  • Orange Felt at least 22” x 68”
  • Black Felt (at least 1 yard)
  • White felt (at least 1 yard)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Adhesive Velcro
  • Straight Pins
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
  • Stuffing Material
  • 2 pieces White poster board 20” x 30”
  • 2 Small plastic bowls with a lip
  • White Spray Paint (If using clear bowls)
  • Black Marker
  • Clear tape
  • Template 1, Template 2, Template 3

 DIY Nemo Costume Step 01

Step 1. Tape the template pieces together as shown to create a giant picture of Nemo. Cut out the template.

Step 2. FOLD the orange felt in half, lengthwise. Pin the template to the fabric, approximately every 3-5 inches, placing Nemo’s mouth against the folded edge.

Step 3. Using the fabric scissors, cut the felt around the template. DO NOT cut the folded edge where it meets the template.

Step 4. Remove the template. Your Nemo should have two panels, attached at the mouth.

Step 5. Cut out the mouth and black detail from the paper template. FOLD the black felt in half. Pin the templates to the felt. The mouth template should be pinned against the fold.

Step 6. When cutting out the pieces from the black felt, cut slightly LARGER than the template. You should have 7 separate pieces, the mouth should be one piece.  Glue the all black felt pieces, except the mouth to both sides of the Nemo costume.

DIY Nemo Costume Step 02

Step 7. Reusing the template pieces from step 5, FOLD the white felt in half. Pin the templates to the felt. The mouth template should be pinned against the fold.

Step 8. When cutting out the pieces from the white felt, cut slightly SMALLER than the template. You should have 7 separate pieces, the mouth should be one piece.  Glue the all white felt pieces on the white as shown. The mouth pieces will be added in another step.

Step 9.  If using small clear bowls, spray the inside of each bowl white, let dry. If using white bowls, skip this step.

Step 10.  Cut out the eyes from the template and glue to the bottom of the bowls.

Step 11. Place one eye on the costume, approximately where it looks the best. Trace lightly around the eye.

nemocostumestep03DIY Nemo Costume Step 03

Step 12. Remove the eye and draw a circle approximately 1/4” smaller than the previous circle.

Step 13. Cut out the smaller circle, from both sides of the costume.

Step 14. Unfold the fabric. Use the fabric glue to glue along the inside folded edge and approximately 4” in on the top and bottom, as shown.

Step 15. Fold back together to adhere.

Step 16. Place an eye through the hole, from the inside. Since the hole is smaller than the outside edge of the bowl, you should be able to glue the edges of the fabric to the rim of the bowl.

Step 17. Repeat step 16 with the other eye.

DIY Nemo Costume Step 04

Step 18. Stuff the front of of the costume with the stuffing material, so that Nemo’s face puffs out.

Step 19. Once you have stuffed the front of your costume to your liking, open up the costume. Cut an oval piece of  white felt large enough to cover the stuffing, it’s okay if the edges are rough, this part will be inside the costume. Glue the felt in place, as shown.

Step 20. Now the front half of Nemo’s should be puffy. Start gluing on the black felt for Nemo’s mouth.

Step 21. Add the white felt to make Nemo’s teeth, and complete his smile.

DIY Nemo Costume Step 05

Step 22. Trace Nemo’s tail on 2 pieces of white poster board, and cut out.  The poster board will help keep the tail more stable in a later step.

Step 23. Glue the poster board to the inside of each tail, as shown.

Step 24. Apply the adhesive velcro pieces to the tail. This will help to make the costume easy to put on and remove.

Step 25. To make the costume ready to wear, you will need to cut openings for the arms. The easiest way to do this is to have the person wearing the costume available. Mark where you think the arm holes should go. Cut the fabric to make a semi circle, keeping the top uncut, as shown in the photo.

nemocostumDIY Nemo Costume Step 06estep06

Step 26. Trace the outer template of the small fin on a piece of black felt and cut out.

Step 27. Trace the inner template of the small fin on a piece of black felt and cut out. Glue the orange piece onto the center of the black piece.

Step 28. Use a marker to create lines on the fin.

Step 29. Attach the adhesive velcro to the fin, so that they can be worn around the wrist. Repeat steps 26-27 with the larger fin template to create the other fin.

DIY Nemo Costume Final Look

Step 30. The costume is complete. The person wearing the costume, can put the body on open, and then attach the 2 tail pieces together. Wear the black body suit underneath, and the fins around the wrist  to complete the look.


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