DIY LEGO Superman Costume

Nope. It’s not a bird, or a plane. It’s LEGO® Superman!! We’ve seen our fair share of DIY LEGO® costumes out there. We thought why not make ours a real hero. Get ready to craft a costume that will be sure to save the day!

If you are the crafty type, this should be easy for you. But even if you’ve never crafted before, follow the steps below, and you’ll be a Super crafter in no time!



  • Boys Blue I’m Invisible Skin Suit
  • Batman/Superman Reversible Cape
  • 6-pieces of foam core 20” x 30”
  • 6- large sheets Light Blue Card Stock
  • 1- large sheet Red
  • Yellow Card Stock
  • Elastic
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Bucket/Plastic container approximately the size of the head
  • Glue Stick
  • Adhesive Velcro strips
  • Paint, Brushes, Marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Low-Temperature Hot Glue Gun


Measure your child’s shoulder width and overall depth of their body. To make the shape of the body, the sides should slant out, and then the bottom should be straight for 2-3”, as shown. Draw the shape on a piece of foam core, making sure the the top is wide enough for the shoulders. The bottom of the body should fall just below the top of the thighs. Use a ruler to make sure the shape is symmetrical.  Note- You can use pencil for theses steps, I am using a thick black marker for photography purposes.


Cut out the body and use as a template to make a second identical body piece.

To create the top of the body, measure a piece that is as wide as the shoulders and deep enough to fit your child. You can use one of the body pieces as a guide for width.

Draw an opening that is approximately 1” from the edge on 3 sides and open on one.


Cut the shape out and set aside for assembly in a future step.

To make one side of the body, measure out a piece of foam core that is the same depth as your top piece, and about 1” longer than your body piece.

Make an opening for the arms. The opening should be approximately an 1” in from the top and side and large enough for the arm to rest comfortably within the opening. You might have to make a test piece and adjust the opening after having your child put it against their body.

Once you have finalized one side piece, use it as a template to create a second side piece.


Trace and cut a complete set of body pieces out of the light blue card stock. Use the foam core body pieces as templates.

Measure the bottom straight edge of the body piece. In my example that measurement is 2.75” (your measurement may vary depending on your child’s size)

On one side piece, measure the same distance (2.75”) from the bottom and draw a line across.

Use the craft knife to score through the top layer of the foam core, so that the bottom can bend slightly. This will allow the side piece to attach to the front piece.


Measure and score the other side piece. Glue the front and 2 side pieces together.

Glue the top piece to the body, with the opening to the back. The back piece will be attached in a later step.

Cover the body (Including the back piece) with the cut pieces of card stock.

Glue a strip of red card stock to the bottom of the body.


To make the belt, glue strips of yellow card stock above the red. Cut and glue an oval to make the belt buckle.

Draw a superman logo on a piece of red card stock. Cut out the S, and glue to a piece of yellow construction paper.

Glue the logo on the body, and use a marker to outline the belt.

To finish the body, paint on Superman’s abs. Put aside to dry.


(Make 1 leg and have your child try it on before making the second. That way you can make any adjustments if needed)


Measure your child’s legs and feet. The top of the leg piece you are making, should be slightly below where the bottom of the body piece ends. Draw the side profile of the leg on a piece of foam core. The leg is rounded at the top and then gets boxy in the foot area, as shown. Make sure that the foot is wide enough for your child’s foot. The overall width of the leg shouldn’t be more than 2” wider than your child’s leg. Cut out the leg piece.

Draw a square on another piece of foam core. The square should be the width of the leg. For example, the leg of my costume is 6” wide in the front, so I drew a 6” square. Cut out the square.

Make a second leg piece, using the first as a template.

Trace and cut  2 leg pieces out of light blue card stock. Use the foam core leg pieces as templates. Cut a rectangle piece of light blue card stock that is the same width as the square piece, and about 3” longer than the length of a leg piece.


Glue each foam core leg piece to the foam core square, as shown.

The card stock rectangle is glued to the front of the leg. You can pre fold the card stock to make it easier to attach. The card stock is a great way to create the curve in the leg. Trim off any excess card stock.

Glue the remaining card stock pieces on the leg.


Turn over the leg. Measure and cut elastic pieces that are wide enough for the foot. Glue the elastic pieces across the front and back of the foot. Your child will be slipping their foot under the elastic pieces to hold the leg in place. Have them put their foot in to check the placement of the elastic.

Add another piece of elastic across the back of the leg, that will be used to help hold the leg in place.

After you have checked the first leg to make sure that it fits properly, use the first leg as a guide to make a second leg.



Measure your child’s wrist. Draw a large LEGO hand shape, making sure that the wrist is wide enough for your child. Cut out and make a 2nd piece.

Measure and cut 2 rectangles that are the same width as the wrist.

Create the hand by gluing the pieces together, as shown.


Turn the hand sideways and attach a piece of elastic across the inside. This will help keep the hand piece from sliding off your child’s wrist.

After you have checked the first hand to make sure that it fits properly, use the first hand as a guide to make a second hand.



Wrap masking tape around the bucket, cut a seam on one side, this will help the mask fit better at the end. Learn the how to wrap a container here.

Have your child put on the mask and mark where the eyes should go. Use the craft knife to cut openings for the eyes,

Paint the face on the mask. I had my face with a grin, but you can change the expression.


To make the hair/wig. Start by wrapping aluminum foil on the top of the previously used bucket.

Keep adding pieces of foil to the hair piece. Use masking tape to hold the foil in place. Twist or fold the foil to create the piece of hair that hangs down in near the eyes.

Start wrapping the foil hair with the black duct tape.Finish wrapping the hair, making sure that you wrap around the edges to create a finished look.


Put the wig and the head together to make sure they fit together nicely.



Cut 4 rectangular pieces of light blue card stock. The pieces should be approximately 2”x3”. Fold the pieces in half and crease.

Glue the pieces to the back piece of the body, as shown. One on each shoulder, and one on the middle of each side.

Attach a piece of Velcro to each tab.


Put the back of the costume on the body and attach Velcro pieces to the body to correspond to each tab.

Now your child can easily get into the costume and Velcro the back on the costume, so it will be easy to remove.

FINAL NOTES- It’s easier to have your child put on the legs first and then the body. Finish the costume with a blue skin suit and Superman cape.

superman16_ superman17