DIY Lego Batman Costume

DIY Lego Batman Costume


Step aside regular Batman! There’s a LEGO® Batman that’s got everyone’s attention now. He may be small, but he’s got the collosal attitude of a billionaire, business owner, playboy, philanthropist, inventor, vigilante. Do you think you have what it takes to save the city? Grab your hot glue gun and start crafting!

Be the hero and follow the steps of this tutorial! This DIY LEGO® Batman costume can be yours before the crooks will even know what hit them.




batman01 batman02 batman03 batman04

Follow the instructions to build the body here. Since this costume uses black foam core, you can omit the steps for cutting card stock pieces. Skip ahead to the last steps on the superman costume to see how to attach the back piece to the costume.


To make the belt, fold a piece of yellow construction paper in half. Draw half of the belt on the folded paper, as shown.

Keeping the paper folded, cut out the pieces for the belt. You will now have 2 sets of each part of the belt. Glue the pieces to the body,

Use the black marker to finish all the details on the belt.


To make the logo, draw a large oval on the yellow construction paper.

Cut a piece of black card stock slightly bigger than the oval. Fold the card stock in half, draw ½ of the bat logo along the folded edge of the card stock. You can line up the card stock with the oval for sizing. Keeping the paper folded, cut out the bat shape. You will now have a symmetrical bat shape.

Glue the bat on the oval, and then glue the logo on the body.

To finish the body, use the paint marker to draw on Batman’s abs.

batman07leg batman07 batman07hand

Follow the instructions to build the legs here. Since this costume uses black foam core, you can omit the steps for the card stock pieces for the sides of the legs.

Follow the instructions to build the hands here.



To make Batman’s mask. Start by wrapping aluminum foil of the top of the bucket, and around the back. Measure your child head and face to get an idea where their eyes should be when making the mask.

Make a roll of foil and wrap it around the front, splitting the face in half and leaving room for the eyes. Use masking tape to hold the foil in place.

Use another roll of foil to create the nose and split the eye area into 2 eyes.

Add more foil to the bottom of the face to create the jaw and mouth opening. You can really squish the­ foil to get the shape you want.


Start adding the bat ears on the top.

Once you add both ears, start finalizing the shape of the whole face the best you can with the foil, taping where needed to hold the foil in place.

Begin wrapping the mask with the black duct tape.

Finish wrapping the whole mask with the duct tape, making sure to wrap around and cover all the areas where the foil might peek through.

FINAL NOTES- It’s easier to have your child put on the legs first and then the body. Finish the costume with a black skin suit and Batman cape.