Kids TV Show Costume Ideas

If you’ve got a little one on your hands, you’re no stranger to these kids TV shows. From their catchy songs and catchphrases to their wild adventures and awesome characters, kids television shows worm their way into our hearts. Once a child finds a TV show that they like, it’s hard to get them to watch anything else. They may even want to dress up as their favorite characters for Halloween.

We’re here to help make that dream come true for them! Here’s a list of some popular kids TV shows and the costumes that go with them. Let your child dress up on their own or create a group ensemble with siblings or friends. For all the kids television show costumes we don’t have in stock, we created some of our own with items around the web to help you DIY their favorite character to life.

Jump right in to see if your child’s favorite character made the list!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger Costume Ideas

Daniel Tiger: Costume – O The Owl: Costume – Miss Elaina: Dress | Socks | Headband | Buttons – Katerina Kittycat: Dress | Belt & Bow | Ears – Prince Wednesday: Tunic | Cape | Crown

Travel to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe to hang out with Daniel Tiger and all of his friends. These characters have come together to teach pre-school aged children life lessons. Make a playlist of their favorite strategy songs to play while they get ready for Halloween. Head out into your own neighborhood in style as one of these adorable characters.


Octonauts Costume Ideas

Captain Barnacles: Costume – Peso: Costume – Kwazii: Costume

Make your little ones feel like they’re living in the Octopod by letting them become one of their favorite underwater adventurers. They’ll have to leave behind their explorations of the rare marine life in its natural habitat to trick-or-treat. But that’s really just a mission to collect their favorite treats, isn’t it?

PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol Costume Ideas

Chase: Costume – Everest: Costume – Marshall: Costume – Skye: Costume
Rubble: Costume – Tracker: Costume

The search for the best costumes are over. Let your little one lead his or her own search and rescue team this Halloween. The gang is all here, which makes PAW Patrol the perfect idea for a large group. Whether they relate to their favorite character’s special skills or are just fans of the team in general, there’s a look for each pup.

PJ Masks

PJ Masks Costume Ideas

Catboy: Costume | Power-Up Accessory – Owlette: Costume | Power-Up Accessory –
Gekko: Costume | Power-Up Accessory

When Halloween night is here, let your little ones transform into superheroes just like Greg, Connor and Amaya do on the show. They fight crimes at night to save the day. You can do the same when you put together your own little PJ Masks team with the help of these costumes and accessories.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street Costume Ideas

Abby Cadabby: Costume – The Count: Costume – Elmo: Costume – Cookie Monster: Costume

We might not be able to give you directions to Sesame Street, but with an adorable group costume featuring these iconic characters, people will think you brought Sesame Street to them! These resident cuties will be a hit this Halloween.

Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer & Shine Costume Ideas

Shimmer: Costume | Wig – Shine: Costume | Wig – Zeta the Sorceress: Costume –
Leah: Costume – Zac: Shirt | Pants | Vest

Your little one won’t have to waste any of his or her wishes to become their favorite characters this Halloween. Bring the magic of Shimmer and Shine to life with the help of these costume ideas. Your little one and their friends can channel their inner genies and conjure up all the treats this Halloween.

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