DIY Katniss Everdeen Costume

DIY Katniss Everdeen Costume

DIY Katniss Costume

Katniss, the fiery and fierce Protagonist of the Hunger Games is one badass, strong female character. Are you up to the challenge of portraying Katniss this Halloween? If so let the Hunger Games Begin!

all supplies_1


  1. Breastplate Armor
  2. Leg Armor
  3. Gloves From Gauntlet
  4. Archer Glove
  5. Wig
  6. Bow and Arrow
  7. Leggings
  8. Black Boots
  9. Wings
  10. Black Shirt
  11. Black Elastic
  12. Black Spray Paint
  13. Hot Glue Gun

Costume Instructions


Cut left shoulder off of chest plate and discard

Cut the peplum off of chest plate and save

Cut peplum into 2 separate pieces

katniss02 katniss03

Spray paint chest plate, 2 peplum pieces and 2 leg armor pieces black and let dry.

Hot glue black elastic to each peplum piece to create 2 pieces of shoulder armor. Hint: measure how much elastic you need on your shoulder before cutting elastic.


Cut the hand part off of both gloves. Keep the zippers intact. These are now your arm gauntlets.

Dressing Instructions/Putting it all together

  1. Put on black pants/leggings and black top
  2. Put on wig (it will be hard to do this later as you will be wearing armor and gloves)
  3. Put on black boots (It will be very difficult to put on boots once armor is on)
  4. Put on arm gauntlets
  5. Put on leg armor
  6. Put on chest plate
  7. Put on shoulder armor. Helpful Hint: if shoulder armor falls off use leftover elastic to tie elastic straps together in the back.
  8. Put on wings
  9. Put archery glove on one hand.
  10. Grab your bow and head to the Capital to show President Snow who’s boss!