DIY Jurassic Park Survivor Costume

In our male version of a Jurassic Tourist who barely made it out of his Luxury Vacation alive we thought we would “bring the gory factor up it a notch.” Here we added a lot of special effects makeup to “accentuate” just how tasty our gentleman must have appeared to the hungry dinosaurs….

Our “I survived Jurassic World” DIY costume is the perfect idea for a group costume or for fans of the Jurassic series. Just rip up some old clothes, add gory prosthetics and fake blood and you will look like a Velociraptor’s Plat du jour.



Additional Required Materials

  • Old white t-shirt you don’t mind destroying
  • Cargo shorts
  • Bright colorful tourist-y socks
  • Jungle boots
  • Beige button up short sleeved safari looking shirt



Put on white T-shirt keeping your left arm behind your back.

Mark on T-shirt where left collar bone is.

Mark 2 scratches on the left side of the stomach.

Remove T-shirt and make slit at collar bone placement.


Cut slits at 2 scratches you just marked.

Glue broken bone to inside of T-shirt so bone pieces show through slit you just cut. Helpful Hint: Make these cuts look a little more jagged than just a straight cut for a scarier effect.

Glue 2 straight scratches to inside of T-shirt so they show through slits you just cut.

Cut up collar of T-shirt on left side where collarbone piece is.

Cut up the left sleeve of the T-shirt so it looks as though it’s been ripped off.

Put on tourist socks, cargo shorts, boots, and white cut up T-shirt.


Apply third scratch (the one that looks like the letter Y) to left side of the face with spirit gum. Helpful Hint: determine whether or not you are allergic to spirit gum by putting a tiny dab on your inner wrist BEFORE putting it on your face. If you start to feel itchy after a few minutes of it drying on your wrist you are allergic. DO NOT USE ON YOUR FACE.

Use base makeup to help mask the edges of the face scratch.

Use a stipple sponge to and blood/bruise colors on the left side of the face.

Apply fake blood to face scratch.


Apply fake blood to T-shirt around scratches, collar bone and on cut up edges.

Put on one half of safari/ shirt

Put on Indiana Jones hat positioned so it’s tipped off the right side of your head as if a dinosaur just swatted at your left side.

You now look like the “left-overs” of a very satisfying meal! I guess this dinosaur preferred the “Wings to the thighs.”