If you are the kind of tourist “bright” enough to choose a genetically engineered dinosaur park for your luxury vacation…then when things go awry it probably should not come as too big of a surprise….

Our “I survived Jurassic World” DIY costume is the perfect idea for a group costume or for fans of the Jurassic series. Just rip up some old clothes, add gory prosthetics and fake blood and you will look like a Velociraptor’s Plat du jour



For this project start by printing out a Jurassic logo and make a t-shirt. On the front trace out a Jurassic World logo and on the back print the words “Alpha” (Because of course the most damage can only be done by the Alpha Raptor)!


Start by tracing out your logo with a white pencil.


Once you trace the logo, paint the images with orange paint and bleach for effect. **Make sure to place a piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the bleach does not bleed through.


Use a black pen to add detail to your lettering on the Jurassic logo.


Add bleach smudges as accents on different parts of the t-shirt.

Repeat steps 1-4 to write “Alpha” on the back of the t-shirt.

Then start cutting! –We made several cuts on the front, back and on the neck of the t-shirt.


Spread some blood on the bleached out areas on the t-shirt. (It will look like open gashes in the skin).


Now for the battered and bruised makeup- create gashes and bruises on your face with makeup and prosthetics. First add a long cut down the side of the face using a prosthetic gash. Cut the gash to size and attach with spirit gum. For extra gore add fake blood to the prosthetic cut and to other areas of the face and body.


To finish the look, add some blue, green and black face paint to the face to create dirt and bruises.

You now look like you survived quite the “luxury Jurassic vacation.”

jurassic_girl_final02 jurassic_girl_final01

Watch it all come together!