DIY iZombie Costume

What would you do if you went to a party that you didn’t really want to go to and woke up dead?  Well, undead.

The answer for Olivia Moore was to leave her medical residency behind and become an assistant in the Coroner’s Office.  I mean, where else would you find a steady stream of brains to maintain your humanity?

The aptly named zombie (can it be anymore perfect that Liv Moore?) also finds that she takes on characteristics of the person whose brains she ingests.  And because of these special powers, she’s able to assist the police department in solving these seemingly unsolvable murders.

So why wouldn’t we want to become Liv this Halloween?  There’s been a severe lack of spunky, female leads in prime time television since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars went off the air.  Luckily, the creators behind the latter are also at the helm of this comic book series turned TV series.

Of all the zombies to grace the silver screen (and big screen, for that matter), the walking dead of iZombie are probably the easiest to recreate.  Forget the rotting flesh, forget the blood and gore.  These zombies have very particular characteristics.


For one, they’re pale.  Like super pale.  Without blood pumping through your veins, you’d be pretty pale too.  So step one in becoming Liv, is to use white cream makeup or the lightest foundation you can find to completely white out your face, neck, lips and hands if you want to go really authentic.


In addition to her pale skin, Liv has really sunken eyes.  With red cream makeup, cover your eyelids with a light layer.  Smudge some red under your lower lash line and blend the whole thing in with your pale skin.  Lastly, take a little bit of brown eyeshadow to set the cream makeup on your lid.  This will keep the eye makeup from smudging into your crease.


And lastly, finish off the eyes with some black eyeliner.  Line the water line and the tight line to really define your eyes.  They smudge a bit more of the black into the upper and lower lash lines.  Voila! Your zombie makeup is finished.


But just like her skin, Liv’s hair is also devoid of all color.  If you haven’t jumped on the white hair trend that has been going around for some time, grab a short platinum wig and style it like Liv styles her hair.  She usually has her asymmetrical bob parted to one side with her bangs pinned back off her face.  It’s somewhat unruly so don’t worry about being too perfect.


Now we’re onto the DIY costume portion of this DIY costume.  Luckily, you can probably find most of the things Liv would wear in your closest (besides the lab coat).  All you need are some black pants or dark jeans, a gray or dark colored t-shirt and a zip-up or cardigan.  The darker these pieces are, the more your pale skin will pop.  Throw on lab coat to top off the layers and you’re all set to solve crimes and eat brains.  Just don’t forget the hot sauce.


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