DIY Infinity Gauntlet Costume Upgrade

Well, if you haven’t been paying attention to the movies that Marvel has been pumping out over the last 10 years or so, you might want to spend the next couple of weekends binging your way through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and get all caught up before Avengers: Infinity War premieres. This will most certainly be a storyline collision of epic proportions- unlike anything attempted on the silver screen before. Marvel is uniting more than just stories in this movie because it’s going to take ALL the heroes to make sure that their universe isn’t torn apart. Heroes UNITE!!

In the Marvel Universe, six concentrated remnant stones of what existed before the universe was even created are the key to destruction and salvation. Whosoever wields these infinity stones will determine the fate of all existence. We’ve seen glimpses of what kind of power is contained in the stones when it was explained to us by the collector in the Guardians of the Galaxy clip below (and a few other times during that movie). All of the people who HAVE been paying attention to Marvel’s movies know that there are a few other stones floating around. Word is, Thanos has a gauntlet and he’s ready to make some big moves.

Here is what you’ll need to complete your Thanos look. But if universal domination isn’t your thing, we’ve got Avengers Costumes for all the heroes too!


  • 1 Yard Black Vinyl fabric
  • 1 Man’s Left Black Faux leather Glove
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
  • Black Cord, 2mm thick
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 3/4” Round Orange, Red, Blue, Purple & Green Jewels
  • 1” Oval Yellow Jewel
  • Pillow Stuffing or Newspaper
  • Champion 24kt Gold Spray Enamel and Rustoleum Textured Metallic Black Spray Paint
  • Template downloaded and printed on paper or card stock
DIY Infinity Gauntlet Templates

Click the image above to download the printable template.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Step 1

 Step 1. Cut out the template pieces and trace them on the back of the vinyl. Place the template for A1 and A2 together to create one larger shape. Use the marker to clearly label each shape according to the template.

Step 2. Cut out all of the template pieces, and put aside to use as needed.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Step 2

Step 3. Stuff the inside of the glove, so that it holds its shape. This will make it easier to work with.

Step 4. Hot glue template piece (1a) to the top of the index finger of the glove, trying your best to line up the vinyl with the seams of the glove.

Step 5. Next glue piece (1b) on top of (1a) lining up the bottoms of both pieces.

Step 6. Glue piece (1c)  on top of (1b) lining up the bottoms of both pieces.

Step 7. Lastly glue piece (1d) on top of (1c), again lining up the bottoms.

Step 8. Repeat the steps with each finger of the glove, applying the pieces in order, pieces (4a-d) will go on the little finger.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Step 3

Step 9. Hot glue the wrist of the glove, palm facing up to the middle of piece (A1/A2), as shown.

Step 10. Wrap piece (A1/A2) around the glove, gluing along the top edge, to form the wrist guard of the gauntlet. Glue the long sides together.

Step 11. Hot glue piece (E) to the top forearm, about 2” from the base of the gauntlet.

Step 12. Attach pieces (B1/B2) to the wrist, overlapping piece (E), leaving about a 1/2” gap between the pieces, as shown.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Step 4

Step 13. Glue piece (F1) to the side of the gauntlet, under the thumb, about 2” from the base.

Step 14. Attach piece (D1) to the wrist, overlapping pieces (B1) and (F1), as shown.

Step 15. Repeat steps 13-14 with pieces (F2) and (D2), so that both sides match, as shown in our photo.

Step 16. Hot glue piece (G) to the thumb, lining it up with the top seam of the thumb.

Step 17. Glue on piece (H) overlapping piece (G), followed by piece (I). Lastly, glue piece (J) the center of piece (I).

Step 18. Glue piece (C) on top of the hand, slightly overlapping the base of the fingers.

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Step 5

Step 19. Glue pieces (K thru O) to the top of the gauntlet. (L) should be under the little finger and (O) under the index finger.

Step 20. Using the hot glue, attach the black cord to the edges of the vinyl, as shown. I wrapped pieces (C) (D) (E) (F) and the small pieces (L-O).

Step 21. Spray paint the gauntlet with a layer of the Champion Gold Enamel Spray, and then a very light layer of the textured metallic gold to give the gauntlet an aged look. You can swap back and forth giving the gauntlet light layers of each spray paint until you get the desired look. Tip- Place the gauntlet in a shallow cardboard box before spraying to contain any overspray. Let dry.

Step 22. Hot glue on the 3/4” round jewels (Infinity Stones). Green- thumb, purple- index, blue- middle, red- ring, and yellow- pinky. Add an orange 1” oval jewel to the middle of piece (k)

Step 23. Use the black sharpie to add a few lines and detailing. I added thick lines radiating around the oval jewel, some stripes on the knuckles and laces on piece (E)

DIY Infinity Gauntlet Costume Upgrade Finished

The vinyl material should stay flexible. You can place the stuffed gauntlet over a spray paint can, or similar item so it stays upright for display, or you can gently remove the stuffing to make it wearable.

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DIY Infinity Gauntlet