DIY Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

It’s all Hocus Pocus! The classic Halloween movie from 1993 is just as popular today as it ever was, and while you can go out and find complete costumes of all your favorite characters, it is much more cost-effective and useful in the long run to make your own costume out of readily available costume pieces. Not only will you save a bit of money, but you will also accumulate an impressive and versatile costume closet that can be used to make any number of different looks. You will have a Hocus Pocus costume that conveys the character’s specific personality traits you love, while giving you an opportunity to flex your own creativity and put some of your own tastes into a wardrobe everyone already recognizes. It is hard to beat the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus when you are looking for a group costume for you and your friends. Shut down any Halloween party and get ready to pose for pictures all night long when you are dressed as this awesome and iconic trio of witches.

We have put together a few suggestions for ways to create some of the most popular looks from the movie. Have a look and find the best way to create your perfect costume. Then have a look around our entire selection to find all the fun little details that will take your outfit to the next level!


DIY Winifred Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

As the oldest Sanderson sister, Winifred finds herself as the de-facto leader of this calamitous cadre of lovable witches. With just a few items from our huge selection, you can duplicate this iconic look. Start with the Women’s Lady-in-Waiting Adult Costume as a base and accumulate other pieces such as the Women’s Sexy Burgundy Impulse Wig, Black Mesh Fingerless Gloves and a pair of Ladies Black Witch Boots and you are on your way to building a Halloween look that is instantly recognizable and absolutely unforgettable. Finish the wardrobe off with a replica Spell Book prop with Feather Accessory and you have a costume that is faithful to the movie and great to wear at screenings. Step out this Halloween as a character that is charismatic and jam-packed with pizzazz.


DIY Billy Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

Everyone will lose their heads when they see you come in dressed as the Sanderson’s loyal zombie foot soldier. With just a Wild Zombie Wig, Zombie Dentures, a pair of Colonial Costume Shoes, you are ready to hit the town and help Winifred and the rest get Book back. Add a Monster Color Pallet of makeup to make sure your Billy costume is as close to the original as possible. Check out our Billy Makeup Tutorial for more tips on how to recreate the look! Terrific on its own or as part of a group costuming theme, dressing as this distinctive zombie is a terrific way to stand out at any party this Halloween.


DIY Dani Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

Share your love of Hocus Pocus with your kid when you put together her own Dani costume and she hits the town as the rambunctious, persistent and mischievous trick-or-treater. With our girls Witchy Polkadot Costume, Witch Hat, Girls Witch Shoes and a Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Pail, you have a likeness of Dani’s wardrobe your child will love to wear whenever possible. Have fun picking specific pieces that show off your little girl’s personality. Once she picks up her Straw Witch Broom, it’s official, and your family’s Halloween will never be the same. Just make sure to steer clear of the Sisters Sanderson.


DIY Dani Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

For those wannabe witches who are still young at heart, you can create an adult replica of Dani’s wardrobe that will show everyone just how much you love this classic movie. Start with a Witch Costume for Women and build upon that with a Witch Costume Hat, Witch Shoes, and Goldilocks Wig. Just add the Pumpkin Pail and Straw Witch Broom and your transformation into this lovable trick-or-treater is complete. You will love the reaction you get wearing this ensemble to any Hocus Pocus screening or cosplay event. Put the magic back in your Halloween with a high-quality copy of this iconic wardrobe.


DIY Devil Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

When your life becomes invaded by a group of actual witches on Halloween, it definitely pays off to be mistaken for their leader. Create your own replica of the Devil’s costume from Hocus Pocus with just a few items from our amazing selection. Of course, your costume will need a Felt Devil Tail, Devil Horn Headband and a Red Devil Kit to fill in the gaps. Then you can top the whole thing off with a Reversible Deluxe Lined Vampire Cape. Your Sequin Red Devil Pitchfork is a flashy and eye-catching way to let those witches know you mean business. Upgrade your look with a Demon and Devil Tail to really make your costume stand out. Everybody will love watching this beloved character step into their party this year. Choose an often-overlooked character to avoid duplicate costumes and show even more love of the film.


DIY Mary Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

Everyone loves Mary. The befuddled Sanderson sister may not be the most competent witch, but she definitely has a style all her own. Replicate Mary’s iconic hairstyle with a Black Beehive Wig, and then accumulate other items such as Black Ankle Boots with Bows, Hooded Crushed Red Velvet Cape and a Straw Witch Broom to tie the whole look together. Add some black nail polish to make sure every last detail of your costume is as it should be. Take some liberties and make your own interpretation of this classic outfit to highlight your own personality within the theme of the character.


DIY Sarah Hocus Pocus Costume Ideas

Playful, stylish and sexy, the character of Sara definitely provides a costume that will turn heads and drop jaws all Halloween long. Whether dancing your Halloween away or just attending a simple party, a Medieval Wench Woman’s Costume or Women’s Renaissance Lady Costume is a terrific way to get your Sarah costume going. When you begin adding such things as the movie Starlet Blonde Wig and Woman’s 2.5 in Healed Brown Victorian Booties, you have a costume that people will remember and talk about all year long. Once again, just a coat of black nail polish can act as the finishing piece that has your Sara faithful to the design of the movie and ready to be the darling of Instagram!

Have a Halloween that will be remembered for the ages with a Hocus Pocus costume that is budget-conscious, stylish and celebrates everything you love about this throwback film. Once Halloween is over, you can start imagining what look you’re going to put together next year. Maybe you work in some of your favorite pieces used in your Hocus Pocus suit, or maybe you decide to go creative once again and have fun designing and building a new costume no one has ever seen before. Your Halloween is what you make it. And with a costume you put together yourself, the memories will be all the more awesome!

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