Politics aren’t for everyone, but, this Halloween, they can certainly be for you! With so much attention and controversy surrounding both major parties, you’d have to order a recount to make sure you covered all of the opportunities for potential costumes.

Whether you’re attempting to Make America Great Again like Donald Trump, or you just don’t want your friends spying on your inbox like one particular former Secretary of State and First Lady, you’ll be able to cast your vote when it comes to choosing the best look this October.


For the Donald:


Our Donald costume involved a wig, a microphone, a cap (on which we printed out and pasted the words, “Make America Great Again,” a jacket and tie and of course lots of attitude!


For Madame Secretary:

We started by styling our blonde wig with a little hairspray. Then added a vintage blue suit, some serious glasses and a look which says “I mean business!”

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, there’s no better way to compliment the future leaders of our country than to dress like them this Halloween!

trump_square HilCleezy_square

Are you looking for other options to show that you’re tried and true to the red, white and blue this year? Check out the patriotic costumes at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.