DIY Clay Trinket Dish Spooky Decoration

September is here, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner. What better way to get into the festive spirit than by crafting your own Halloween themed trinket dishes? Perhaps you love pumpkins, or maybe black cats – simple cookie cutters and polymer clay can help give you a base shape for your dish, while you customize the rest with your own style.

Why not take a walk on the darker side, and whip up your own voodoo doll or skeletal themed trinket dish? Any themed cookie cutter will do the trick. You can even celebrate El Dia de Los Muertos with your very own sugar skull! Simply shape, bake, and decorate with paint or accessories of your choosing – we suggest adding a touch of gold liquid leaf paint for an accent of color that really pops!

If specific shapes aren’t your style, combine your favorite colors and create a colorful trinket dish perfect for displaying your jewelry, appetizers, or any Halloween treats you’d like. We know you probably won’t make all of your a Halloween Decorations, so while you’re waiting for your clay to dry feel free to browse through our selections of Halloween props and decor to stock up before the big night. But if you do want to make all your own decorations here are some other projects to help build your collection.

DIY Halloween Clay Catchall Supplies

Trinket DishSupplies

  • Halloween themed cookie cutters
  • Polymer clay (numerous colors)
  • Rolling pin
  • X-acto or paring knife
  • Various size cans (or circle cookie cutters)
  • Oven-safe bowls
  • Oven
  • Acrylic paint and/or gold liquid leaf
  • Paintbrushes

Option 1: Cookie Cut Polymer Clay Trinket Dishes

Clay Rolled Flat

Using the rolling pin, roll your polymer clay out flat – ensure your clay is approximately ¼ inch thick.

Cookie Cutter in Clay

Place your cookie cutter on top of your flattened clay – apply firm pressure universally across the cookie cutter to ensure a clean cut.

Cookie Cut Trinket Dish

Run your knife around the bottom of your cookie cutter, while leaving it pressed into the clay.

Remove excess clay, and then your cookie cutter.

Trinket Dish in Oven Safe Bowl

Using your finger, smooth any rough edges left by removing your cookie cutter.

Take your clay and place in an oven-safe bowl, using the curvature of the base of the bowl to form the depth and form of your trinket dish.

Bake at 248-266°F for 30 minutes. Remove and allow to cool.

Paint any raised or stamped areas with acrylic paint or Liquid Gold Leaf paint. Let dry.

Option 2: Spooktacular Marbled Polymer Clay Trinket Dishes

Various Colors Clay

Narrow Rolls of Polymer Clay

Roll three to four separate colors of polymer clay into long skinny forms, 6 inches long.

Twisted Polymer Clay

Twist your three to four separate colors together into one string.

Rolled Polymer Clay Ball

Roll string into a ball.

Marbled Clay Rolled Flat

Using your rolling pin, flatten your ball of clay until it is approximately ¼ inch thick.

Marbled Clay with Can

Using a circular cookie cutters to make a circle of clay. Or press a can into your clay. With your knife, trace the outline of the can to create a circular form.

Using your finger, smooth any rough edges left by cutting your circle.

Marbled Clay Oven Safe Dish

Place your circular clay into an oven-safe bowl. Remember, the curvature of the bowl will determine the depth of your trinket dish, so choose accordingly.

Place in oven and bake at 248-266°F for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

Paint the outer edge or any accents onto your dish using acrylic paint or Gold Leaf Foil Paint.

Marbled Trinket Dishes with Spiders Inside

Trinket dishes have become a popular trend for nightstands, desks, and bathroom counters nationwide. Display these for yourself, or give as gifts to family and friends, this project is fun for all ages, and has with no specific rules – simply get creative and add your own personal flair! Don’t pay for an overpriced store-bought option when you can create your own!

This project and post were created by Christina Molitor, view more of her work here.

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DIY Clay Trinket Dish Spooky Decoration