DIY Halloween Globe Luminary

On Halloween night Jack-o-lanterns and their goofy grins or scary expressions fill front porch steps around the neighborhood.  Don’t just keep up with the Joneses and their Halloween decorations but instead go with a modern look for your front steps. Create a Halloween globe to light the way for your guests and trick-or-treaters and mix it in with your fancy pumpkin collection.  This DIY comes together easily with adhesive vinyl that you can design yourself with an Xacto knife or cutting machine. Use our free template to design the exact Haunted scene shown here, or use your imagination to dream up a Halloween scene of your very own!

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs has enlightened us with another spooky DIY. Head over to her blog for more crafty ideas.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Supplies


The steps to this DIY might seem obvious. Cut vinyl, adhere to globe light, but here are a few tips for a cleaner application.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Weeding

  • If you use a cutting machine instead of a Xacto knife, you’ll need to weed, or remove the negative pieces of your design. There are many weeding tools available, or a tweezer can also work.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Separate

  • Separate out the different designs you plan to use and apply them in smaller groups.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Transfer

  • Use transfer tape to remove the vinyl from the carrier sheet and apply it onto the globe light. To do this, rub the transfer tape onto the design and smooth it over with a scraper tool. Peel to transfer the vinyl to the transfer tape to be applied to the globe light.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Curve Tip

  • Avoid creating long, solid design elements, as they are hard to adhere in one piece. If you do have a longer design piece, cut small slits, as shown here visually with red dotted lines, to help apply it on the curved globe.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Curve

  • Apply the cut design onto the globe by first rubbing it in the middle then smooth out on the sides using your scraper tool, finger or even a credit card!

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Puck Light

  • If you’re looking for “warm” light, place a piece of tissue paper over the puck light before inserting it inside. Place the globe on top and place it on your front porch for Halloween night. Surround it with an assortment of pumpkins or other Halloween décor and welcome guests with its ominous glow.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Night

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Day

Stage your globe on your porch this October and welcome guests in day or night with this Halloween-tastic message.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Day & Night

On Halloween night, turn your puck light up and illuminate the steps with other battery-powered candle lights. Visitors will enjoy the subtle glow of this Halloween globe that blends right into the pumpkin family donning your steps.

DIY Halloween Globe Luminary Night Closeup


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