Ever the prim and proper hostess is Effie Trinket. Like her fellow Capitol residents she is known for her outrageous fashion in the Hunger Games Trilogy. A woman obsessed with both fame and etiquette, Effie seems to be in a competition with herself in a game of fashion “one-up-man-ship.” What can be a more perfect Halloween DIY than a character whose one outfit is more outrageous than the next?

For our Effie Trinket we mixed a little vintage with some over the top makeup and voila! You just made yourself a quick and easy and “oh so Glamorous…” Effie Trinket! Look out Panem, there’s a new Effie in the Capitol.




To Make Effie Trinket’s Outfit:

Effie’s outfit was a simply DIY -just find some great vintage pieces and then accentuate them with a few eccentricities; we belted a vintage dress and added a pink tutu as a collar.


Take a piece of lace and measure it around your waist and cut to fit. This will form a belt.

Spray the lace gold.


Once the lace is dry add Velcro to each end to secure the belt in place.

To complete the look try a vintage blazer and a vintage dress belted with lace. Don’t forget Effie’s decadent collar which can easily be created with a pink tutu.


Effie’s Hair and Makeup:

Effie’s look is all about the hair and the makeup! For our Effie look we added a lot of glitter and some decadent false lashes.


Start with a bold color on your eyelids like glittery pink. Add pink to the tops of the lids and underneath the eye.

Add a more neutral color to the upper part of the lid.

Outline the eyebrows in a bold yellow glitter.


Attach the feather eyelashes with eyelash glue.


For the cheeks start out by smudging white on your cheeks from the makeup kit. Smudge red over the white to create a bright rosy pink.

For the lips -paint the entire lip white then focus a bold red in the center of the top and bottom lip.


To finish the look try adding a intricate temporary tattoo across the forehead.


For the hair use a grey wig and finish with flower hair clips.

Now the odds are sure to be “ever in your favor”! Let the games begin!