DIY Deflategate Costumes

DIY Deflategate Costumes


When it comes to DIY Sports Costumes, there’s one clear winner for 2015.

Sometimes, if you want to get to the top, you have to do a little extra. While Wholesale Halloween Costumes doesn’t encourage cheating, dressing like a cheater is all the rage this year! It doesn’t take much to copy the look of the National Football League’s most infamous story – You can even “forget” to buy a pump!

belicheck costume

So, grab your video cameras and let a little bit of extra air out of your favorite football. Don’t forget to put four fancy rings on your fingers – You just can’t tell anybody how you won them! If you’re looking for other fun Sports Costumes this Halloween, be sure to take a look at the inventory at Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

deflategate costume