DIY Cotton Candy Princess costume

Adventure Time is one of the most well-known cartoons on air right now. And rightly so — it’s hilariously witty! It has such a huge supporting cast, and I wanted to make a costume for a character that I haven’t seen cosplayed very often. So I decided on Cotton Candy Princess! She is designed very differently in the cartoon, but I really loved this redesign from Natasha Allegri, the storyboard revisionist for the show.

1-supplies With help from my friends at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, I was able to acquire most of the items I needed to complete this look. Here’s a list of supplies and tools I used…


  • Women’s Aphrodite Costume (here)
  • Two Pink Petticoats (here)
  • Arda Wigs Claudia in Light Pink (here)
  • M Stripes Thigh Highs from Sock Dreams in White and Light Blue (here)
  • Horn (not pictured, here)
  • Hem tape (optional, found at any craft store)
  • Cotton candy (optional, but yummy treats while taking photos is always a great idea!)


  • Seam Ripper
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape

The first piece I decided to tackle was the top. I started by taking off all the gold trim from the Aphrodite dress with a seam ripper. There were only two seams holding each strip of trim on, so it was a fairly easy to remove, albeit time consuming.
2-dress seam

I then cut dress at the leg slits to turn it into a shirt!

4-cut dress

I decided to mimic CCP’s striped top by making a little sash using the bottom of the dress I cut off in the previous step. Because of the gradient, the bottom portion was much darker. So I cut a long strip about 4″ wide. I then draped it across myself like a Miss America pageant sash and sewed the ends together where they met at my hip (This was the only sewing I did, but it’s not necessary! You could also glue or tie it as well!). The sash is attached to the top with a safety pin at the shoulder. The top is done!


I then moved onto the wig. As detailed as it may look, it was actually fairly simple to style. The Claudia wig from Arda has very long curls, so I took small sections at a time and clipped them to the crown of the wig with tiny alligator clips. I started with the bottom layers at the back and worked my way up. I left some curls loose on either side at the front.

6-pin up curls

It looked very silly once all the curls were amassed at the top, but it started to take shape when I moved the loose ends around and secured them with more clips. I focused on keeping the mound of curls centered with the ends wrapping around the outside.

7-criss cross curls

Any clips will do, but I really recommend getting clear ones if possible. They’re great because the styling isn’t permanent unless you want it to be. And you can easily redo or adjust the style. Plus, the clips are practically invisible in photos!

8-finished wig

I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the tutus or socks. I simply stacked the tutus and fluffed them out to give them volume!

IMG_4935 IMG_4941 IMG_4946 IMG_4951