DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume

Tis the season to be an elf! They’re hiding all over your house on shelves, they’re in every Christmas movie you see and one of the most famous ones, Buddy, is on every other meme in your Facebook feed. Give into the spirit of the season and transform your boring green hoodie into an elf hoodie for you or your kids!

Sure you could buy an elf costume, but this is the season of DIY. Download our free printable template so you can glue or sew the felt pieces and jingle bell elements to a basic hoodie to bring the holiday magic in every room you enter!

This post was written, created and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Click that link for more of her DIY projects!

DIY Elf Hoodie Supplies


  • Green hoodie
  • Red, Yellow, and Black Felt
  • Fabric Glue
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Jingle Bells
  • Water erase pen or chalk
  • Green thread and needle
  • Elf Shapes Template

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 1

Cut out all the shapes from the Elf shapes template. Trace and cut out these shapes on the coordinating pieces of felt.  The number of triangles you need depends on the size of the hoodie.

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 2

DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume

Glue the black belt around the waist of the green hoodie and the yellow bucket on top. Tip: If you have a hoodie with a pocket, cut it to still allow the use of the pocket.

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 3

Glue the additional black belt piece on either side of the pocket opening and around the back.

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 4

Glue the red triangles around the neck of the hoodie. This child’s hoodie used 6 red triangles around the neck in the front and back.

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 5

Glue the smaller red triangles around the opening of the hoodie. Our child’s hoodie used 9 smaller red triangles.

DIY Elf Hoodie Step 6

DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume

Once dry, sew jingle bells on the ends of all the red triangles.

You’re now full of Christmas spirit and ready to go caroling, gift toys to tots and bring a smile to everyone’s face with your DIY Elf Hoodie!

DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume

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DIY Elf Hoodie - Christmas Costume Pinterest Guide