If evil possesses the face of a fierce diva than it is the visage of the haughty Queen Mother, Cersei Lannister in The Game of Thrones. She is one conniving, manipulative drop dead gorgeous evil-doer. And she makes the PERFECT character to portray for Halloween!

Just for fun we came up with a DIY costume to help you enact the perfect state of evil grace, Cersei Lannister.



To Make the costume, Start with the Dress:


First, remove the gold sleeves and gold center of the skirt. Cut close to the seams.


Turn the dress inside out. Put the cut edges of the skirt together and pin them in place. Sew about a half inch away from the edges, all the way down to the end of the skirt. Make sure the velvety sides of the material are the ones touching each other.


The remaining red part of the long sleeve will have overlapping flaps. Cut along the top flap until you reach the end point of the bottom flap.

Re-position the flaps of the long sleeve so that they intersect about 17 inches from the puff sleeve’s edge.

Cut along the edge of the top flap so that it mirrors the curve of the bottom flap, about a half inch inwards from the bottom flap’s edge.

Put the edges of the top and bottom flap together and pin them in place. Sew about a half inch away from the edges, all the way down to where the flaps intersect. Make sure the velvety sides of the material are the ones touching each other.

Repeat with other sleeve.


Take the shiny gold cape and cut the hood and ties off. You’ll have a rectangular piece of fabric remaining. Fold this in half on the long side and cut along the folded edge so you have two equally sized rectangles. For a neater look, hem the cut edges (only on the long side for now).

Cut the rectangles so that the long sides are about 44 inches long (the length from the bottom of the dress to where the gold trim is at the hip).

Pleat the short sides of the rectangles so they become about 7 inches across. Pin the pleats in place and sew along the top. For a neater look, fold over the pleated edge and hem it.

Place the pleated gold material on the side of the dress where the gold trim is at the hip and pin it in place. Make sure the center of the pleated edge matches up with the vertical seam on the side of the dress. Sew only across the pleated edge so it is attached to the dress.

Repeat on the other side.

Making the Armor:


Remove the collar from the black corset.

Using gold acrylic paint, cover the front of the corset. In the picture the entire corset is painted but you only need to go up to the third rib from the center.

Cut the corset along the pattern shown. Separating the top and bottom piece is optional.


Position the corset so that the dip in the center of the top edge matches up with the center of the dress’s neckline and the left and rightmost points of the bottom edge match up with the centers of the pleated gold material. If you separate the corset, in between the pieces there should be just enough room for a piece of gold trim.

Make sure the sides of the corset are aligned with the seams on the sides of the dress. Pin the corset in place and sew it to the dress along all edges.

Cut a piece of gold trim and hot glue it to the space in between the pieces of the corset, or simply on top of the single corset.

Making the Shoulder Pads:


Remove the sword and straps from the lion head hilt.

Using kitchen shears or other heavy duty scissors, cut along the sides of the lion head so that the flatblack base is separated. Discard the base.

Lay the puff sleeve down such that it forms a circle.

cersei lannister costume

Spread hot glue across the edges of the lion head. Place it down on the circular puff sleeve so that the center of the head aligns with the sleeve as shown.

Repeat with the other lion head and sleeve.

Putting It All Together:

Once everything is dry, you can put the dress on. Because of it’s length, you may want to wear heels.

Tie your hair up and put a wig cap on, followed by the wig. It will probably be easier to applymakeup before putting the wig on.

Find a medallion shaped pendent that will hang in the V-shaped neckline. Now you’re all set!


cersei lannister costume cersei lannister costume