It’s hard not to be shocked when a celebrity couple calls it quits.  For some reason, we’re privy to the ins and outs of their lives.  We see all the good times and most of the bad ones too.  These celebrity couples live under a microscope and from the outside, it seems like everyone is working against them.  That’s why we route for the good ones to make it.

However, this week, we were rocked by the split of power couple Brangelina.  It’s a sad, sad day when we have to retire a ship name.  Henceforth, they’ll be forever known as Brad and Angelina again.

The pair met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and their relationship was highly publicized from the very beginning.  Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston when the they started filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith so when Brad and Jen announced their divorce in 2005, rumors started flying.  Angelina spoke out against the rumors and after a while, the chatter died down.

Between 2005 and now, the couple has still been in the news.  They adopted 2 more children and had 3 of their own, bringing their brood up to 6.  They’ve starred in plenty of blockbusters between now and then.  And most notably, they’ve done a lot of charity work.

But this week, Brangelina was trending for something no one ever saw coming: divorce.  The pair was splitting up and Angelina requested physical custody of their 6 kids.  So Mr. & Mrs. Smith are no more after nearly 12 years together.

Angelina Hates Brad Hates Angelina

Although many people have dressed up as various characters from both of their filmographies, this Halloween we know there will be a lot of dueling Mr. & Mrs. Smith costumes out there.  And why not? The costumes are pretty easy to replicate.

For your John Smith costume, all you need is a black suit, white button-down, black dress shoes and a gun.

For your Jane Smith costume, all you need is a slinky black dress, black heels, a brown wig, a thigh holster and gun.

If you’re wearing this as a couples costume in the wake of the Brangelina split, you can even through in a couple of baby dolls that you can fight over throughout the night.  But the babies are totally optional.

We wish the best for Brad and Angelina as they go their separate ways and hope that if you’re recreating any of their famous characters, you share the pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCostumes!