DIY Justice League Black Canary Costume

Jlu_blackcanary-1Black Canary, a super-heroine from the Justice League is one tough female crime fighter. She is a gifted hand to hand combat fighter and is one of the earliest super heroines to appear in DC comics. In here newest reincarnation she can be found fighting crime in the animated series Justice League Unlimited.

Create your own Black Canary costume with this DIY.

It is entirely possible to complete this costume with hand sewing OR no sewing depending on how close to the reference image you want to be.

Items used to Complete Costume:

  • Blonde wig with no bangs ( link)
  • Blue Jacket ( link)
  • Bodysuit (link)
  • NON-control top Tights/Stockings (found at local drug store)
  • High Ankle/ Mid-Calf Boots (already owned. Note: The exact boot style is not popular right now so finding a boot that is the similar heel and height definitely works!)
  • Black Satin Ribbon Ribbon

Tools Needed:

  • Seam ripper or small pair of scissors
  • Blue thread matching to jacket
  • Sewing Machine or needle for hand sewing
  • Small Binder clips
  • Hot Glue
  • Velcro (dots or strips)



(Optional) Modifying The Jacket

jacket_beforeFor the jacket we found a pleather jacket at a local vintage clothing shop. Use a blue jacket as, is or modify one  to mirror Black Canary’s jacket. We took the vintage bomber jacket and made the following modifications:

Step 1: Take your seam ripper or small scissors and carefully snip the stitches that hold the ribbed fabric to the pleather. Do the same for the ribbed fabric and the zipper. Do not remove the zipper completely yet. Once the fabric is separated from the jacket and jacket lining set it aside.


Step 2: Tuck in the lining and jacket raw edges together and use the small binder clips to hold them in place all along what is now the new bottom of the jacket. If working with a sewing machine you can top stitch the bottom edge of the jacket. Leave space where the zipper is because it will have to be adjusted next to fit the shorter length of the jacket.


Step 3: To adjust the zipper length it needs to be removed from the jacket. Remove it with your seam ripper or scissors being careful not to cut into the fabric or the zipper. Once the zipper is free of the jacket, close it and position it starting at the bottom. This will leave you with extra at the top where the neck is. Cut the extra off but DO NOT zip the zipper all the way. The part that does the zipping will come off the zipper and you will not be able to get it back on.


Step 4: Hand sew or machine stich the zipper to the jacket. Make sure the bottom edge of the jacket fabric and lining where the zipper begins is tucked in making it look more finished. If sewing with a machine use a zipper foot. Your machine will have instruction on how to change the foot of your machine and what it looks like. To make sure that this does not happen you sew/loop come thread at the top of the zipper to act as a stopper. You can also use hot glue. Both of these methods act as a stopper for the zipper part when it gets to the neck of the jacket.


Step 5: If you would like to remove the hood of the jacket you can do the same process as you did with the bottom ribbed fabric.


Completely modified jacket!


Making the Necklace

Black Canary’s necklace is simple. Take a section of ribbon and put it around your neck so that it fits comfortably and has at least an inch over lap. Cut a piece of Velcro the length of the ribbon’s overlap and hot glue in place. You can also use snaps instead of Velcro if you prefer.

Putting it all Together

Now that you have all the parts for this costume you get to do the most fun part of all. Put it all on and wear it!

JLUbc_pic2 JLUbc_pic1


To complete the look add dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

For a couples look pair Black Canary with the Green Arrow. Black Canary and the Green Arrow often appear as a crime fighting super couple!