DIY “Billy” Manziel Costume

DIY “Billy” Manziel Costume

Matt Shanley
Billy Manziel

We all know Johnny Football, but have you met Billy Vegas yet?

Being a professional quarterback hasn’t exactly been Johnny Manziel’s strong suit for the past two years, but after a recent trip to Las Vegas the night before the Cleveland Browns’ final game of the 2015-16 season, it’s obvious that he excels at disguises.

With some help from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you can make your very own version of the former Aggie’s not-so-secretive alias: Billy Manziel. Just follow the steps below, and be sure to throw up your hands to make the dollar signs gesture.

Billy manziel DIY

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Cleveland Browns fans love the look of their new unofficial uniforms – Don’t miss your chance to dress like Mr. Money Manziel!  If it’s what professional athletes are wearing, you know it’s stylish! And if you’re looking for other sporty looks, Wholesale Halloween Costumes has those, too!