Billy from Hocus Pocus Makeup Tutorial

Here lies William “Billy” Butcherson. On May 1st, 1693, his girlfriend Winifred found out that her lover had had an affair with a real witch. And that witch just happened to be her sister, Sarah. So Winifred reacted just like any women scorned would. She fed him poison and then sewed his mouth shut with a dull needle. No, he wouldn’t be able to tell her secrets in Hell while he eternally rested but he would come in handy some 300 years later when she resurrected him.

Any fan of Hocus Pocus might’ve thought they’d have nightmares about being chased by the raggedy zombie that Billy became. However, he seized his opportunity to finally give Winifred a piece of his mind. And for that, he became a fan favorite.

We didn’t need a magical spell book to create our Billy makeup tutorial. Luckily, we didn’t even need a dull needle. Follow along with the video or the steps below and you’ll have people belting out “I Put A Spell On You” in no time.

Remember, payback’s a witch.

Billy Step 01

Find a good reference photo online to help guide you through this look.

Start by blocking out the eyebrows with a glue stick and powder over them.

Billy Step 02

Use a cotton swab to apply liquid latex to the cheek.

Apply a large wad of cotton to build up the cheekbone.

Pull a few strands down onto the cheek and coat in latex.

Repeat on the other cheek.

Lightly sponge latex over all of the cotton until fully sealed.

Billy Step 03

Apply liquid latex to both eyebrows and apply a wad of cotton across both of them.

Coat and seal with latex.

Add a small wad of cotton in a downward slant across the bridge of the nose to mimic Billy’s brow shape and coat in latex.

Billy Step 04

Use the same method to build up the nostrils.

Work with small pieces of cotton building up around the nostrils and the septum.

Billy Step 05

Build up Billy’s semi-cleft chin using the same technique.

Apply a few thin strands of cotton upward from the chin toward the lip and a strand on either side of the chin to connect to the lines on the cheek.

Billy Step 06

Along the jawline apply more thin stands that connect to the strands on the cheek.

Billy Step 07

To add texture to the forehead and temples, apply stretched cotton fibers with latex.

Allow to dry completely.

Billy Step 08

NOTE: If you use oil based or cream makeup, be sure to seal the latex with castor sealer so the latex doesn’t start to break down.

Sponge lavender-white makeup over the entire face.

Use a brush to apply the makeup in the creases to ensure full coverage.

Fill in the entire eye socket with brown makeup.

Billy Step 09

Add depth and shadow by lightly brushing the same brown in the nostrils, into the creases between the strands of cotton on the cheeks and chin, as well as alongside any areas that you built up with cotton.

Lightly sponge yellow makeup over the raised portions of the cotton. Blend well.

Billy Step 10

Use black makeup to mark where the mouth stitches will attach to the lips.

Adhere the pieces of yarn to the lips with liquid latex.

Now throw on a wig, black suit, and jabot, and you are ready bring Billy Butcherson Back from the dead.

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Billy Butcherson Makeup