DIY Presidential Candi-dog Costume: Bernie Sanders

DIY Presidential Candi-dog Costume: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Dog Costume

With the general election closing in and the candidates narrowed down to two presumptive nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Wholesale Halloween Costumes doesn’t want to forget the loyal supporters of the campaign for the small-state senator, Bernie Sanders.

And the loyalty for that grassroots campaign is similar to the loyalty we all see from our best friends – our dogs! So how about showing your dog’s loyalty to you (and love of politics) with this do-it-yourself Bernie Sanders dog costume!

Bernie Sanders Dog Costume



  • Einstein Wig
  • Elastic/Duct Tape (optional)
  • Plastic frame glasses

Put all the pieces together to create this really cute campaign trail look. If you have difficulty getting your dog to wear the glasses, you can duct tape a strip of elastic around the glasses to keep them from falling off.

Bernie Sanders Dog

If dressing your canine up as a presidential hopeful isn’t quite enough to satisfy your political sweet tooth, make sure to check out Wholesale Halloween Costumes selection of presidential costumes!