How to Become Princess Bubblegum, for Science!

How to Become Princess Bubblegum, for Science!

Koneko YourAverageNerd
DIY Princess Bubblegum Costume

If you are a fan of Adventure Time you will know that one of the fantastic things about it is the many different characters and their designs. One of my favorite characters is the ruler of the Bubblegum Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum!

PrincessBubblegumCartoonTop to bottom Costume Breakdown:

  • Long Pink Hair
  • Gold Crown
  • Goggles
  • White Lab Coat
  • Pocket stuff (pens and little pink dude
  • Pink dress
  • Flat Shoes (for comfort)



Items used to Complete Costume:


Tools Needed:

  • Patterning Paper (Newspaper, computer, or other type of scrap paper 8.5 x 11 or larger)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  • Sharpie Black
  • Paint brush (find and medium size)
  • Measuring tape (can be found at local craft and sewing stores, Useful but optional)

Making Princess Bubblegum’s Crown

The main part that needs to be made to complete this costume is Princess Bubblegum’s crown. While it is possible to find this through handmade sellers on sites like Etsy, it is very simple to make. Decide what type of crown you want to have. One that closes in the back or one that is open (more like a tiara). Both are simple to make and it is personal preference. For this costume I am making a crown that is open in the back so that I can more easily wear it with other hair styles like ponytails.



Step 1: Get out your measuring tape. If you do not have a measuring tape but have scrap paper you can cut strips and piece them end to end with tape. I used a measuring tape but the principle is still the same. Take the tape and at the crown of your head place the tape around and make a loop that fits comfortably. Write down the number the end of the tape reaches. This is how long your crown band will be. It’s best to do this with your wig on if you are going to close the ends of the crown together. The picture is an example of how to measure your head. It was difficult to take a picture of myself and get a good view of the measuring tape at the same time. Also, it’s best to work on costumes while watching something you enjoy!

Drawn out paper crown template

Paper template

Step 2: Get out your patterning paper. Using your ruler draw out how wide and long the base of the crown should be. Once you have done that make a mark where the middle is. With the middle marked draw out the top part of the crown. Don’t forget to add a circle at the top for where the jewel of her crown sits. Congrats! You now have a paper crown. Cut it out and see how you like it on your head and make adjustments to your liking.


Template transferred to back side of vinyl

Step 3: Once you are happy with your crown template, it’s time to put it to the gold vinyl. With the gold face down use a pen to drawn the crown shape out TWO times. Then use your crown template to cut out a piece of craft foam out for the tall part of the crown that sticks up from the band. You will need this to be sandwiched in between the two vinyl pieces to give it structure so it does not flop over. The craft foam piece should be skinner than the vinyl pieces so that when it is between them it does not stick out.

IMG_20150825_225016 IMG_20150825_225258IMG_20150825_225839Step 4: Glue it all together. Take the foam piece and hot glue it to the back of one of the vinyl pieces. Make sure the foam piece is centered. Do not use to much hot glue or at to hot of a temp because the heat can warp the shininess of the material. I suggest working from top (circle) to bottom (where the head band) for this part of the crown. Once the foam is in place glue the other piece of vinyl with shiny side up down to the band. You should now have two shiny sides of your crown with foam sandwiched in between them.


Caution! The glue WILL be hot. Wait a few seconds before touching.


Continue to glue down the opposite side like you did the first side.

Princess Bubblegum Crown Trimming

Trim extra bits off of edges for a smooth appearance.

crown closeup

Heat warping from hot glue. This is considered the “back” side for this reason.

Crown Closure

Hair comb glued to ends of crown.

This is where knowing how you want to close your crown is important. For my crown I glued the vinyl together working from the middle to the ends. After I did this I attached two hair combs to either side with hot glue. If you would like a closed crown you have the option of sandwiching elastic, or Velcro to the ends of the crown. This allows for heads of different size and comfort. If choosing to use Velcro make sure that the sides match up properly. If using elastic make sure you add a little extra to account for the part that is glued into the crown ends.

Princess Bubble Gum Crown, almost finished

Entire crown is all glued together!


The two types of flat back gems I had access to to make this crown.

Step 5: The last step to complete your crown is to glue the jewel to the top. I found my jewel at Michael’s in the bead section. There are several kinds to look for and it’s up to you what you think will look best. If you can’t find a blue gem like this you can also find one of similar shape with a flat back and paint the front of it blue. You can also do an internet search for flat back acrylic gems and find a wide variety of them out there.



Putting The Costume Together

I was able to put most of this costume together from found/purchased items. This makes the stress level of this costume SUPER low; always a plus in my book. To get Princess Bubblegum’s dress I am using the dress from (link) without the belt and large bow on the back. It is actually a darker color pink than the image implies. The lab coat is from (link). It was important to me to have a pocket on the top of the coat. You can also find this type of lab coat on amazon. For shoes I already owned a pair of flats that I could wear and be comfortable in.


Accessorizing Your Lab Coat

This costume is pretty simple so it’s great to look at the details. Whenever PB does her science she usually has a little pocket buddy with her. Take your extra craft from and cut out a little friend to hang out in the pocket with your pens and pencils. Use a sharpie or paint him a little face and you’re done!

IMG_0614 IMG_0616


Congrats! You are now Scientist Princess Bubblegum!

pb_pic1 pb_pic2