DIY <em>Back to the Future</em> Costumes

DIY Back to the Future Costumes


When looking for the perfect Halloween costume in 2015, you don’t need to generate a nuclear reaction to generate 1.21 jigawatts. You don’t need a DeLorean speeding at exactly 88MPH. Where you’re going, you definitely don’t need roads.


All you really need is a few basic articles of clothing, and, in no time at all, you’ll look exactly like Marty McFly and Doc Brown did when they first visited October 21, 2015 in Back to the Future, Part II. There’s no better way to celebrate Back to the Future Day, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes can help.


The major pieces of Marty McFly’s iconic outfit are obviously the orange bubble vest and jean jacket. If you get those few articles down, any plaid button-down shirt and pair of jeans will do. Accessories for Michael J. Fox’s most memorable role can include a camcorder, a pair of aviators, a watch, a skateboard, and a customized flyer telling all of Hill Valley to SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER!



For our Doc Brown look we combined a wig, some goggles, a lab coat and a Hawaiian shirt plus some added accessories that we found around the lab!


To make your Back to the Future costume even more accurate, find a small dog and name him Einstein, and a bully to follow you around and call you “Bozo” all night, like Biff Tannen did to Marty. For more fun TV & Movie Costume ideas, visit Wholesale Halloween Costumes!