So we all know that Santa enlists his elves to make toys in preparation for Christmas.  However when Christmas Eve rolls around, he calls on his other trusted companions, his reindeer, to help him get the job done.  This holiday season, you don’t have to feel like you’ve been run over by a reindeer trying to decide what to wear to a party.  If you DIY yourself a pair of antlers and pair it with some cute deer makeup, you’ll be sure to stand out.

While everyone else is dressing up like an elf, snowman, one of the Clauses or donning an ugly sweater, you’ll be the real star of the show.  I mean, Rudolph has his own Christmas song, so he’s totally worth dressing up as.  But don’t worry.  No one will laugh and call you names.

You may even be surprised how easy it is (and how many materials you already have at home) to recreate these antlers!  Just check out the steps below.




Step 1. Remove the poms from the headband.

Step 2. Cut a piece of foil, approximately 12-18” long. Roll the foil loosely diagonally, starting from a corner. Adjust the final piece to be the desired size you want your antler (Antlers for kids should be made a little smaller).

Step 3. Stick one end of the foil roll through one of the springs on the headband. This will help the secure the antlers to the headband.


Step 4. Wrap more foil around the outside of the spring.

Step 5. Make a smaller foil roll and add it to the antler to make on the “branches”.

Step 6. I made 2 pieces that branch off the antler. Add as many pieces as you like, keeping in mind that someone will be wearing the antlers. The bigger you make them the heavier they will be.


Step 7. Repeat steps 2-6 to make the other side of the antlers.

Step 8. Cut or tear small pieces of duct tape and start wrapping the antlers. The duct tape will secure the foil together and will hold the spray paint better than just the foil.

Step 9. Finish wrapping the antlers and headband with the duct tape.


Step 10. Spray paint the antlers brown. (to protect the mannequin head, I covered it in foil first. If you are not using the mannequin head, spray the front side of the antlers, and let dry before spraying the back.)

Step 11. To finish the antlers spray them with the stone spray paint and let dry.


It doesn’t matter which reindeer you become this holiday season (because there are 9 to choose from).  But you can pair this headband with battery operated Christmas lights, or use gory SFX makeup to finish the look.  If you make your own pair of antlers, don’t forget to show them off.  Share yours with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!