American Horror Story: Hotel premieres tonight! We’re all still trying to get Twisty out of our nightmares… and now we will have new sinister characters to haunt us. The creators of American Horror Story have released that the plot line for Hotel will tie in with with season 1 Murder House and the rumor is that this season will be very dark. Sounds like this hotel isn’t where you’ll want book you next stay.

Part of the big news is the new talent! Lady Gaga will be joining the cast. We took some of the sneak peek pictures and turned them into a DIY costume. If you are ready to slip into something a little more evil, follow the instructions below.

Required Purchased Costume Materials

Additional Required Materials

  • Metallic silver nail polish OR silver sharpie marker
  • Glue
  • Bobby pins (colored for blondes)
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL: silver bracelet/cuff

Glove Assembly


Assemble all glove materials: Michael Jackson glove, Michael Jackson socks, werewolf claws, silver sharpie marker OR metallic silver nail polish & glue.


Cut white elastic piece off of “sock” piece.

Cut a thumb hole in seam of sock piece to transform it into a fingerless glove. Helpful hint: cut a small hole and try it on.  You can always cut a small hole larger.

Glue werewolf claws to glove at each of the 5 fingertips. Helpful hint: Place each nail on glove while the glove is on your left hand for an accurate placement.

Use silver sharpie or metallic nail polish to paint fingernails. Helpful hint: Allow adequate drying time before touching nails OR attempting to move on.

Put on Michal Jackson glove with added nails then put sock/fingerless glove on top for added glove length.

Optional: add silver bracelet on top of glove for more detail and to cinch in at wrist.

Gown Assembly


Assemble gown materials: Marilyn “Diamonds” costume, 2 snake armbands & either a silver sharpie OR metallic silver nail polish.

Take all items out of Marilyn “Diamonds” package. You will need: gown, large bow rectangle piece and belt pieces.  You can discard small bow rectangle piece and gloves.


Unfold large bow piece and remove two small Velcro patches. One is pink and one is black.

Lay out large bow rectangle as pictured.


Cut along seam line C to D.


Cut along seam from A to C. Please not the seam is a few inches from the edge of the rectangle.

Remove white stiffened fabric (it will easily tear out where it is sewn in from A to B).

Cut a neck hole in the center of seam running from A to B. Helpful hint: cut a small hole and try it on. You can always go back in and make it larger.


Remove both snake armbands from package and use either silver sharpie or metallic silver nail polish to color the snakes from gold to silver.

Use your hands to bend the metal and make the snake armbands flatter.


Remove the silver sparkly buckle from belt. It will just slide off easily.  You will not need this.

Put on base Marilyn gown and belt. Helpful hint: If belt is too large just tie it like ribbon in the back instead of using Velcro closure.  It will be covered and you need it fitting snuggly at your waist.


Layer large bow rectangle piece on top by putting your head in the neck hole and having the slit lay along your right shoulder and arm.

Tuck the corner formally known as C into the belt. You can arrange the fabric now being draped across your body in a pleated or gathered effect.

Put one flattened silver snake armband around the fabric on your right shoulder and place the other one around the belt at your left hip.  You can bend or flatten more to make them stay put.

Wig Styling


Assemble materials: “Seductress” wig, blonde bobby pins.

Remove wig from package and put on either a wig block or a friend’s head to style.

Pin the long bangs on the right side up creating a swoop by the right eye brow.

Pin the length of hair into an updo. Feel free to create either a traditional bun or simply pin the hair in sections with bobby pins.  Whatever level of hair styling you are comfortable with.  Helpful Hint: If you find your updo falling you can use the hair net the wig came in to secure it.  Just use more bobby pins to pin it in.

Finishing the look


Optional: Use Mehron Fantasy FX light flesh to minimize eyebrows.

Add feather eyelashes.

Add Rubie’s Red Cream Lipstick to your lips.

Add the “Diamond” Ring to right hand to visually balance glove on left.

Smile! You have just created your very own Lady Gaga “Hotel” costume!