You might have been born with devilishly good looks but going full on demonic isn’t as easy as it seems.  Some could argue that Satan is more about the attitude than the fashion statement but repenting ain’t easy!  Luckily for you, you won’t have to make a deal with the Devil himself to get the look.  You’ll be able to spend more time trying out all the different devilish monikers you want your devoted subjects to address you with.  From Lucifer to the Prince of Darkness, it won’t take long until you look the part.  Be sure to work on your smoldering stare because with an evil look this hot, you’re bound to sound an alarm or two.

Well you suffered through enough of our puns.  It would be evil if we didn’t share the secret steps we took to get this demon’s look.  Watch the video or use the step-by-step instructions to help you recreate this look.


Cover the whole face with red makeup. We used an airbrush but a brush or sponge will work.


We used fishnet material to add texture to the look.

Have another person or the model help stretch the fishnet material over the face.

Sponge white makeup through the holes of the material and carefully pull it away.

Stretch the material over other areas of the face you would like to cover and repeat the process.


Choose the placement of your first devil horn and apply with spirit gum or other skin safe adhesive.

Repeat with the other horn.

Fill in any thin areas of red makeup around the eyes.


Line the upper lash lines with black.

Line the lower lash lines with black as well.


Use a fluffy shadow brush and blend the black to create a smoky eye.

Pull some of the black pigment into the crease of the eye as well.


Using the same brush or a sponge to start mapping out the areas that can be contoured with black shadow.

Add shadows under the cheek bones, on the temples, under the jaw line, on the brow bones and around the base of the horns.

Add more and more layers blending as you go.


We gave our model raven hair with black hairspray.

Touch up any smudged or bare spots with a brush or sponge.

Now you look hella sizzling!


Here’s the deal.  They say actions speak louder than words so walk the walk without talking the sinful talk.  If you want to get in touch with your dark side, don’t forget to share pics to prove how devilishly handsome you are.  We’d love to see them on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!