Despite the name, Wonderland might not be as full of benign wonder as the title will have you believe.  Sure there are talking cats and caterpillars.  Mad Tea Parties are a regular occurrence.  And the White Rabbit is just a perpetually late individual.  But to be a queen in Wonderland, one must rule with an iron fist.  When the Red Queen says “Off With Her Head!” she means it literally.

Tim Burton took this classic story and arguably made it more fantastical!  His characters are a little off-kilter.  His imagery is vividly trippy.  When Through The Looking Glass premieres, you know you’re in for a wild ride. We’re hoping the dark side of the story shines as brightly as it did in his rendition of Alice In Wonderland.

Even though we know we’re no Tim Burton, we wanted to make you rub your eyes and do a double take.  We enlisted the help of our friend Caitlyn Kreklewich to show us how you could paint the illusion of a severed head onto your body.  And let’s just say that heads will roll after watching this tutorial!

Alice step 1

With a thin brush and black paint, draw a semicircle across your neck.
Also outline right under your jawline.
Connect the two lines down the side of your neck below your ear.

Alice step 2

Dab white paint on the center of your neck below the black line.
Create an oval with pink paint around the white spot to act as the exposed, gory center of your neck.  Make sure to leave a small space between the pink and the black.
Also outline the “bone” before filling the rest of the space in with the pink paint.

Alice step 3

Go messily over the pink with some tan body paint.
Stipple red paint across the surface of the hole to give the wound more depth.
Use the tan paint to add large dots across the surface.
With a thin brush, stipple black paint along the top, inside edge of the wound.

Alice step 4

Lightly brush some black eyeshadow through the center of the bone to give it more dimension.
Fill in the shape under your jawline with black paint.
Use concealer to clean up the edges of the thin strip of exposed skin between the hole and the solid black shape.

Alice step 5

With purple and red eyeshadow, fill in the natural hollows near your collar bone and neck.
Also highlight the center of the neck with the same mixture of purple and red in the shape of a U.
Blend black eyeshadow in the shape of a triangle under the wound on the left and right side to create the illusion of the stump of a neck.
Buff out all of the harsh lines with a fluffy brush.

Alice step 6

Dab fake blood inside the top edge and along the sides.
Along the bottom, pool the blood near the edge where you want the wound to drip blood.
Keep adding blood until the desired drip effect is achieved.  You might need to help drips along by dragging the brush from the wound.
Add another blood drip to the corner of your mouth.
Stipple the rest of the hole with the fake blood.

Everyone will think twice about crossing the Red Queen after they see this decapitated look.  If you recreate this special effects makeup, be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.


If our “Off With Your Head” look isn’t quite the Alice in Wonderland makeup you were looking for, Caitlyn also did a tutorial on how to create a more glamour look.   Make sure to check out the video on her channel if you’re dressing up as a classic Alice!