Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

If you didn’t know who Deadpool was before, after the record-breaking blockbuster and the promise of sequels, you surely know who he is now.  We’re not talking about the mouthless mercenary from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  We’re talking about the smooth-talking, chimichanga-eating, potty-mouthed mercenary we’ve all grown to love both from the comic books and 2016’s Deadpool.

After Wade Wilson was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he never thought he’d be approached with an experimental cure.  But sometimes, when things are too good to be true, they’re too good to be true.  He was injected with a serum under false pretenses and then was tortured in order to activate the serum’s mutating abilities.  While the serum finally worked, it left Wade Wilson horribly disfigured.  And because of this development, he became the masked mercenary known as Deadpool to find the people who had administered the serum in hopes of a cure.

Since Deadpool is having the best year ever, we thought we’d get down and dirty with a makeup look this Merc with a Mouth deserves.  Despite his disfigurement, Deadpool prevails.  He kicks butt and gets justice while reminding us that it’s whats on the inside that counts.

We already see Deadpool all over the convention floors but seldom do we see him without his mask.  We also think that there’s nothing that Wade Wilson should be ashamed of.  He stopped at nothing to beat cancer.  Being alive trumps having a pretty face any day.

Follow these steps and you’ll become this unmasked mercenary without suffering through the torture Wade Wilson had to.

Deadpool Step 01

We’re using special effects gelatin. Use caution when applying anything hot and test the temperature on your first first.

Apply small amounts of gelatin at a time.

Build up layers for more depth.

Deadpool Step 02

When the gelatin has set, lightly sponge red makeup in the deeper areas of the gelatin.

Deadpool Step 03

Use a brush with stiff bristles to flick watered down red makeup around the face.

Repeat the flecking process with foundation or skin-toned makeup.

Deadpool Step 04

Powder over with translucent powder to set.

Sponge a thin layer of clear liquid latex over the entire look.

Deadpool Step 05

Brush a pinkish highlight on all of the high points of the burns to give the face dimension.

Go in with red makeup to darken up the burn crevices to enhanced the enflamed appearance.

Powder over with translucent powder to set.

Deadpool Final Look

That’s it!  You’ll go from zero to Deadpool before you can make chimichangas.  If you’re sporting the unmasked Deadpool look, share a pic with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #WHCdoesSFX!