Deadpool is no stranger to the Marvel Comics universe and most recently, Ryan Reynolds is bringing this Merc with a Mouth to the big screen.  If you’re like us, you’ve probably been scouring the internet for leaked images in anticipation of this full-length feature.  Instead, you’ll notice one that keeps popping up is from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and there’s something missing; this Merc has no mouth.  I mean, Wade Wilson is known to talk a lot but that’s no reason to take away his mouth.

Although Deadpool isn’t the prettiest hero or supervillian from the comics, he’s a fan favorite.  Just check out the floor of any comic con!  However, rarely do we get to see this antihero without his mask.  Unfortunately not all comic book characters are made to be #flawless.  When he does take his mask off, you might be surprised by the disfiguring scars.  So we were happy to see that the movie didn’t completely deviate from the comics with the images that have leaked leading up to the Deadpool premiere next month.

Reynolds may have gotten us to fall in love with the character already by wearing his costume on Halloween or gracing us with 12 Days of Deadpool this last Christmas so we were ready to experiment with a makeup look inspired by him.  Check out the video below to see how we did it!


Find a photo for reference.
The head should be bald. If your model doesn’t have a shaved head, apply a bald cap.
Starting at the forehead, work you way around the cap sealing the edge with spirit gum as you go.


Cover the eyebrows with nose and scar wax.
We made a latex patch to cover the mouth. Using multiple layers of latex and a small amount of cotton fiber, we created the patch over a mannequin head so the shape was correct.
Apply the patch over the mouth and sponge liquid latex around the edge.


Use small bits of cotton and latex around the edge of the patch to help blend it with the skin.
Make sure the edges of your bald cap, mouth patch and eyebrows are sealed with liquid latex.
Sponge latex over more cotton fiber on the mouth for extra texture.


For the cut over the eye, add pea sized ball of wax to the brow bone and smooth out the edges.
Use a metal spatula to add the cut in the wax and seal with latex.


For the swelling on the other cheek apply a bit of wax over the cheek bone and smooth the edges.
Seal with latex.
Set the look by powdering over the areas where latex has been applied.


Sponge or brush skin colored makeup over the entire look.


Sparingly apply red makeup to make the skin appear irritated and look mottled.


Work in thin layers adding more pigment in some areas. Lightly sponging more skin tone makeup over the redness makes the look more convincing and realistic.


Add black in the cut over the eye and enhance the wound more red makeup around the cut and eye.
We applied small pieces of aluminum foil using liquid latex to add the metallic details on the cheeks.


Deadpool is shiny in our reference picture so we added liquid latex to areas we wanted to remain shiny.
And there you have it. The Merc without a mouth!

Our Deadpool might not have broken the fourth wall and he definitely didn’t have a lot to say.  We’d love to see more Deadpools without their masks this year.  Share your recreation of this look with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Here’s a GIF of the transformation for you to share or pin easily!