Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial

Ye who seek the Dead Man’s Chest may have heard the tale of Davy Jones. A pirate bound to the sea and destined to ferry the dead to Fiddler’s Green, Jones fell madly in love with the goddess Calypso, who tricked him into this life of servitude. He, along with the first Pirate Brethren Court, imprisoned her in human form, and Jones then cut out his heart and took to the seas to rule them as a tyrant. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, Jones is Captain Jack Sparrow’s greatest adversary.

Now, with the upcoming release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales at the end of May, there’s a new adversary taking on Jack Sparrow: Captain Armando Salazar. Although we’ve yet to see the famed pirate hunter take on Sparrow, he definitely seems to be one of the greatest threats our favorite pirate has faced. Despite that, we’re still not convinced just yet that he’ll be as dangerous as Davy, who commanded both the Flying Dutchman and the Kraken. To celebrate the upcoming movie and the franchise as a whole, Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ friend Caitlyn Kreklewich put together this tentacle-y-tastic makeup look of Davy Jones!

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Contacts, if you have them, kick this look up a notch.

Block out the eyebrows with a glue stick, allow to dry.

Cover the entire face and neck with a thin layer of yellow makeup.

Blend a thin layer of grey-blue over the yellow until grungy and textural.

Plug the nose with cotton wads- making sure you can still breathe!

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Lay down a cream colored base for the squid to start taking shape. Use a reference photo to help.

Cover the nose and around the eyes. Map out the squid arms down each cheek.

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Extend the arms down onto the neck.

Use a light brown to fill in the eye sockets- leave a hard edge at the brow bone and blend out onto the upper cheek.

Use the same brown to begin defining the shadows between the squid arms, and the ciphon on Davy’s cheek.

Use the same brown to add a furrowed brow and extend the shading to the temple- defining the highlight around the eye socket.

Add cream colored highlights between the shadow of the furrow.

Soften any hard shadows with the cream makeup.

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Using a thin brush and dark yellow makeup, add defined lines between the squid arms, taper the ends of the lines on the cheeks. Study that reference photo for this step!

Go over the lines again with an even thinner brown line.

Starting adding the suckers to selected squid arms with white makeup.

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 5

Add dark brown creases and wrinkles with a liner brush along the brow bone, add crow’s feet, extend the laugh lines upward, and add details to the forehead and around the mouth.

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 6

Outline the suckers with brown.

Use a large brush to add large shadows between the squid arms and along the cheekbones.

Add a rosy tone to the shadow on the cheek with tiny brush strokes.

Use the same rosy tone to fill in under the eyes.

Davy Jones Makeup Tutorial Step 7

Time to finish off the shadows with black. Fill in large areas of shadow around the squid arms.

Fill in the eye socket under the brows and along the bridge of the nose.

Under the eye, add tons of creases.

Enhance the furrows of the brow and some of the small creases around the face.


You’ll have your whole crew swabbing the deck with a face that fierce! And for those with even an inkling of a mutinous thought, there’s always the threat of the plank!

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