Long ago people had a dream of the future that was stunted by their own reality, but like the embellishments of a child, the 21st century in their mind’s eyes was imaginative and beautiful. Without the gas-powered machines of today and ubiquitous electricity to shape their view, they saw a world of steam powered flying machines and clockwork butlers. This tinkering tech held the promise and potential for a better, stronger and unburdened lifestyle for all.

It took a Victorian-minded genius to believe this tech could be incorporated to enhance and repair the human body. Now “steampunk cyborg” is commonplace- at least among the steampunks themselves. But it pretty much went mainstream when Wild Wild West hit the silver screen in 1999. Better, stronger and unburdened? Check. Ok, maybe a little regulation is needed to keep this out of the hands of would-be villains. But in the hands of the helpful, we can all live a life with even more potential after a few minor mechanical adjustments.

Whether this eye loupe is designed to give you telescopic, infrared or thermal vision, it’s a basic guarantee to leave the machinists envious. Watch the video and follow the steps to see this bionic transformation.

Steam Punk Step 01

Start by applying Pros-Aide to the rim of the eyepiece.

While it is still wet, press it onto the face where the eyepiece will be attached. Use the transferred Pros-Aide as a guide to apply more adhesive onto the skin.

Steam Punk Step 02

While the adhesive dries until tacky, sweep a gold eyeshadow onto the other eye and apply concealer to brighten the under eye area.

Steam Punk Step 03

When the Pros-Aide is dry, press the eye piece into place.

Use leather scrap pieces, copper craft gears and small bronze hardware pieces as extra elements to make the look complete. Glue them around the eye piece in a way that makes sense.

Cut pieces of paper gift bag handles and paint them with gold or copper makeup so they look like wires.

Glue the end of a small piece “wire” to the eye piece and the other end to one of the gears on the leather strap.

Steam Punk Step 04

Finish up the other eye with a darker bronze in the crease.

Apply a coordinating lip color.

Steam Punk Step 05

We felt like the look needed one more wire.

Apply adhesive to the skin and affix two pea sized balls of nose and scar wax. Use the wax as a base for each end of the “wire.”

Smooth the edges of the wax into the skin.

Steam Punk Step 06

Apply foundation over the wax.

Use gold makeup to add a few dots to the corners of the leather straps.

Cyborg Steampunk Look

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