Cyborg Makeup Tutorial

Cyborg Makeup Tutorial


If you think Cyborgs are strictly science fiction, think again. We live in future times now and future things are happening today. The Six Million Dollar Man and Doctor Who sparked something in the imaginations of the movie-making gurus AND  the engineering geniuses of the world. Not only are there countless examples of “cybernetic organisms” in cinema (Oh, hi Darth Vader), but real life now offers borg-like technology to assist with missing senses or lost limbs; in some cases going cyborg may result in enhanced abilities.

Allow us to get slightly technical as we explain our interpretation of the term since definitions can vary. Robots and androids aren’t considered cyborgs. But any organism, human or otherwise, with a prosthetic that utilizes feedback to operate, can be classified as a cyborg. Implants and prosthetics can tap into the neural pathways to help the device function and feel more natural to the user. The company Touch Bionics is creating highly articulate hands among other devices. Some medical bionics companies are helping to replace lost vision and hearing. Who knows what the next steps will be.

There hasn’t been any widespread recognition of  cyborgs as a legal status yet, but Neil Harbisson is fighting the good fight to change that as the president of Cyborg Foundation. And by the way, he’s not only the president, he also has an antenna connected to his brain that translates the world around him into audible vibrations in his head. It even allows him to sense ultra violet and infared parts of the visible spectrum. He is considered by some as the first Cyborg recognized by a government, since his passport photo showing his antenna was approved by the UK passport office in 2004, after initial rejection.

So, it certainly seems like the next generation is destined to be populated with cybernetically enhanced humans, and probably enhanced pets too. And of course we’ll need someone to protect our happy little cyborg families. But with all the enhancements going around, it shouldn’t be hard to find willing guardians. And even if one takes a hit, the battle damage is just a patch job away from perfection. We can rebuild her; we have the technology.

Cyborg Step 1

Decide where you will be applying the prosthetic.

Use the skin safe adhesive of your choice to affix the appliance, for example Pros-Aide or Spirit Gum.

Cyborg Step 2

Smooth out the edges of the prosthetic with liquid latex.

Cyborg Step 3

Blend it with the skin, using foundation.

Cyborg Step 4

Blend and powder as needed.

Cyborg Step 5

With a stiff bristled brush and watered down red makeup, fleck freckled specks of make up to give the skin an irritated look textured look.

Cyborg Step 6

Add fake blood to your liking.

Cyborg Step 7

Polish the metal with a cotton swab and reveal the shine.

We predict you can expect to see more of this mash up of machine and mankind going forward. Don’t act like it doesn’t compute, show us your metallic enhancements on  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.

Cyborg Final Look