Crossing Fandoms: Mash-Up Costumes for the Fanatic in You

Crossing Fandoms: Mash-Up Costumes for the Fanatic in You


Gone are the days of cheap plastic masks and bad wigs. Planning a complete Halloween costume for a party or event is a year round project. Often, costumers are in a competition with themselves, trying to find ways to outdo the costume from the year before. Ideas start running thin and before you know it, you are starting to lose interest.

Let’s not fall into that vicious cycle this year. In the hopes of putting something together exciting and new, we turn to fandoms. If you’re a proud member of several different pop culture families, something fun to do is put together a “dream team” in a cross-fandom extravaganza.

Dead is the New Black?

oitnbI am a big fan of The Walking Dead. No, really. Some would say, slightly obsessed. Luckily I feel that I am not alone in that, so, I embrace it and add it to just about everything I do. Another show I love dearly is OITNB. The meme above really does explain me to perfectly! I think I could pull off an Orange/Dead crossover…

Going with the prison orange jumpsuit would be a good start. I personally would chose to dress up as Pensatucky above, so I will definitely need a good ole set of hillbilly teeth. Not only will that help with the Pensatucky look, but helps the next aspect as well… Zombifi her. We know that the outbreak wasn’t just in Atlanta, I am sure Litchfield would have been infected too.

There are tons of great zombie makeup tutorials on YouTube like the one here led by Greg Nicotero (FX Director & EP of The Walking Dead)

If Orange and Dead aren’t your things, but you want to stick with a TV-related combination, you can always take two of social media’s most consistently trending topics – Keep reading…

Game of Princesses… Or Disney Thrones

Image via: Huffington Post

Image via: Huffington Post

Yep, you read that right! Earlier this year a fantastic series of fan art surfaced combining the treacherous world of Game of Thrones with the light and fun look of Disney. The result was an adorably depicted collection that make this geek’s heart soar, and start plotting costume ideas! Now, pulling off the Khalessi isn’t exactly easy. I mean the hair alone would be a challenge, but if you can find the perfect wig, you have most of the hard work done.

GOTAs for her dress, take your pick! Wholesale Halloween Costumes offers a variety of Disney Princess dresses that can be combined with Khaleesi-like accessories to complete the ensemble. Throw a pair of leggings underneath with a pair of mid-calf boots, and top off your look with jewelry, as we all know, Dany never leaves home without some jewelry.

What is the Mother of Dragons without any dragons? The best part of the Khalessi costume is being able to make it a family affair! Take the kids to pick out their favorite dragon costumes and you have yourself quite the ensemble that is half-deadly, half-adorable!

There you have it – Crossing fandoms is always fun, but doing it for Halloween or a cosplay at a convention is even better! If you have ideas for your own Cross-Fandom creation let us know, and be sure to send the pictures!