10 Creepiest Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails

10 Creepiest Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails

Matt Shanley

Don’t limit the fun at your party to costumes and decorations. By making drinks specific to Halloween, you add an extra sense of holiday spirit that your guests are sure to love and appreciate!

Don’t worry, kids… We’ve got some drinks for you, too!


10. Bloody Brain Shooter

Bloody Brain Shooter

©Photo by Steve Murello

By combining lime juice and chilled vodka into a shot glass, you’re already halfway there. Drip Irish cream on top of the mixture through a straw for the finishing touches. The secret lies in the acids of the lime juice which causes the cream to curdle into a brain-like shape. Get the recipe.

Slime Rickey

Image via MarthaStewart.com

9. Slime Rickey

The Slime Rickey, courtesy of marthastewart.com, is a play on everybody’s favorite refreshing summertime beverage, the Lime Rickey.

With seedless green grapes, sugar, lime juice, club soda and gin, this recipe requires minimal effort, and just some time for the grapes to freeze and the drink to cool completely before serving.

The green grapes float to the top of the glass, giving everybody that Are you sure this is safe to drink? feel as the concoction hits their lips.

Get the recipe.

8. Vampire Cocktail

©Photo by Steve Murello

©Photo by Steve Murello

With vanilla ice cream, triple sec, white crème de cacao and just a drizzle of grenadine, you and all of your blood-sucking friends can give your best villainous laugh over this frozen Vampire Cocktail. Get the recipe.

Bloody Orange Cocktail

Image via Sam Henderson

7. Bloody Orange Cocktail

From Sam Henderson and HGTV, the Bloody Orange cocktail is sure to send chills through the lips of your party guests. The only truly scary thing about them, though, is how good they taste.

The key ingredient for success with this concoction is the raspberry syrup-filled syringe that gets placed inside. It’s sure to spook even those in the creepiest of costumes.

With 4 ounces of vodka, 2 ounces of Licor43, 8 ounces of Orangina, 3 ounces of raspberry syrup and 1 orange, you’ll be able to make four cocktails.

Get the recipe.

6. Eyeball Martinis

Eyeball Martini

Image via BettyCrocker.com

Mad scientists (or bartenders) have the option to use either radishes, olives or grapes to fashion eyeballs in this martini recipe from Betty Crocker. The cocktail itself is a standard martini, containing both gin or vodka and dry vermouth, so as long as you know how to make that, you’re well on your way. Get the recipe.


5. Candy Corn Smoothies

Candy Corn Smoothies

Image via Pillsbury

With only five simple ingredients and three quick and easy steps, Candy Corn Smoothies from Pillsbury should definitely make the to-do list for your child’s Halloween party. To add even more of the spooky spirit to these refreshing desserts, sprinkle a few pieces of candy corn along the brim. Get the recipe.

Slime Soda

Image via punchbowl.com

4. Green Slime Soda

This recipe for Green Slime soda comes from the folks at punchbowl.com.

With four simple ingredients, including lime juice, sugar, sparkling water and lime sherbet or sorbet, this Halloween drink is perfect to serve after a trip to your local haunted house or a long night of trick-or-treating.

Begin by stirring the sugar into the lime juice until it’s dissolved, then continue by mixing in the sparkling water first and the lime sorbet second.

It’s quick, easy and your little ghosts and ghouls are sure to love it!

Get the recipe.

3. Cemetery Punch

Cemetery Punch

©Photo by Steve Murello

Give your whole family a frozen treat they can enjoy. With a few pints of frozen yogurt and two liters of root beer, you can make these mock-floats. Don’t forget to top off your cemetery – No graveyard is complete without its worms. Get the recipe.

Hot Spiced Concord Grape Juice

Image via MarthaStewart.com

2. Hot Spiced Concord Grape Juice

If you’re looking for the perfect Witch’s Brew recipe, we might have found it.

Marthastewart.com suggests that, in a medium stockpot, you combine your ingredients and bring them to a boil before you reduce the heat.

With only four ingredients, the main one being 1 gallon of Concord grape juice, even moms who weren’t blessed with the crafty-gene can make their child’s Halloween party a hit!

Kids will be amazed at the sorcery as steam rises off their drink.

Get the recipe.

1. Frankenstein Punch

Frankenstein Punch

Image via bedifferentactnormal.com

The best part about this drink might not even be the drink itself. For the monster’s neck bolts, attach one Rolo candy to each side after drawing a face on the cup with a Sharpie marker. For the actual refreshment, prepare by purchasing a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, 1 large can of pineapple juice and 1 half-gallon container of lime sherbet. Get the recipe.


There’s only one thing that should prevent you from getting these creepy cocktails and mocktails into your system this Halloween – A Mask! Instead, try a more adaptable look this Halloween with the Accessories & Makeup from Wholesale Halloween Costumes.