Creative Ways to “Remodel” Halloween Costume Hand Me Downs.

Creative Ways to “Remodel” Halloween Costume Hand Me Downs.


Do friends give you lightly used Halloween costumes from years past? Do you have costumes from your older children that you plan to use for a younger sibling?

At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we thought that we would take a thrifty approach to “remodeling” a Halloween hand-me-down.

The project is quite simple – Just take two used costumes and make a new one!


For our costume mash-up we took a child’s shark costume and child’s pirate costume and made this seaworthy little boy into an adorable “Pirate Shark.” We also turned this frog costume into a royal frog prince!


For a Halloween mix-and-match costume the possibilities are endless. You can even turn the DIY project into an evening party DIY event. Gather some friends, everyone bring at least one gently used costume and mix and match!

If you do come up with some creative DIY ideas of your own please share on our Facebook page.

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